Senior Details

Larissa will work with you to make sure you get senior pictures you'll love. You'll get to change clothes multiple times during your session as well as bring along props, pets, and friends to include in your photos! All your photos will be personally retouched so you know you'll look your very best in every single picture! With our 100% guarantee, if you don't LOVE your photos we'll simply delete the images and you'll owe us nothing!

Larissa's Style
Larissa is not a traditional photographer. Although she has some traditional backgrounds, she prefers a more real feel to her images. Using real scenes and furniture, controlled lighting, and her artistic eye, she'll direct you into poses that are both natural and flattering. She also loves using light to create fashion-type images or capturing bits of the sun peeking through the trees behind her subject. Little things like that make all the difference.

What's included
All our regular senior sessions include a CD with all the full resolution image files and the copyrights which allow you to reprint your pictures anywhere! Most other studios hold your images captive and charge you insanely high prices to print the images. Although they offer cheap or even free sittings, they charge upwards of $60 for a single 8x10 print. By the time a customer leaves they will have spent well over $500 for their senior pictures with little to show for it. That's not how we do business. Our pricing is upfront. No extra fees or expensive print packages. The session fee includes everything... the CD, copyrights, retouching, proofs, even print credit so you can get all the prints you want too.

The Studio
The studio has a variety of props, furniture, backgrounds, and scenes to use for your photos inside, along with a 2.5 acre partially wooded area for outdoor photos with unbelievable variety from brick walls and urban metal fences, to the lush wooded areas.

If you want a more urban look, pictures on your farm, or simply something totally different from everybody else, you may want to look into one of our location sessions. With a location shoot, you can choose to have your session done at the location of your choice (within reason) or let us help you find the location that you're looking for. There are a ton a great places to work with within 20 miles of the studio. Whether you want railroad tracks, open fields, city nightlife, or beautiful gardens, we are in the perfect location to easily access any number of fabulous spots for pictures and we LOVE doing it. Call to discuss what you want and we'd be happy to help you plan the perfect session for you!

Our Deluxe Session
If you're looking for both the studio photos AND location stuff, consider our deluxe senior session. This session can be broken up into two parts... the studio session and the location session. Splitting it up is great because you can plan different hairstyles for each session. Every senior we've ever done a deluxe session with tells us how much fun they had. It's surprisingly fun to run around all over being a supermodel for a day. Since we usually do the location shoot after the studio shoot, the senior has had a chance to get to know Larissa and TJ and is completely comfortable working with them by the time they go on location. It's a great way to get awesome pictures unlike any your friends will have.

How do I book my senior session?
Call or email us anytime. See our About Us page for our hours and contact information. After school begins in the fall, availability is limited. With only a couple hours of light after school each evening, we are limited to one or two sessions per weeknight. If you want some outdoor photos, you'll need to schedule your appointment before 5:00 for sufficient daylight. If you can't make it here in time after school, consider days you may have off school such as holidays. Or perhaps a day when you will be getting out early for another appointment such as a doctor or dentist visit. Saturdays are occasionally available, but only when we don't have a wedding booked. You can check our wedding schedule anytime on our website under Wedding Availability. When we don't have a wedding booked, Saturdays book up fast, so if you need a Saturday appointment you'll want to schedule your appointment at least 4 weeks in advance. For daytime, non-holiday appointments, you can usually book within a week without a problem. For holidays and days off school, we recommend a couple weeks in advance for your booking to ensure you get in.

Why are your sessions so much more expensive than other studios?
We aren't really more expensive. Other studios frequently use a "bait and switch" technique. They offer low-cost sessions to get customers in, but after the pictures have been taken, customers find themselves choosing from expensive packages that restrict the number of poses they can have. Customers often find themselves spending over $900 for their prints. We don't believe that's a very honest way to do business. That's why our studio is completely upfront with our costs. Our sessions cover all of your senior portrait needs in one price. Instead of choosing a limited number of pictures to print, you'll get every single picture both as a 4x6 print and on your CD. Not only that, but with your studio credit you'll get a bunch of professional prints as well in exactly the sizes and quantities you want. No restricting packages. With our low print prices, your studio credit goes a long way! And, if you decide you need more pictures after you've used all your studio credit, you can always use your CD to have prints made somewhere else, or have us print the extras for you!

What can I expect with my session?
On the day of your session, you'll want to be prepared with your clothing, jewelry, props, and anything else you may want for pictures. This includes friends, family, and pets! Sessions may last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on which session you choose. See our full senior price list for details on available sessions. You may also want to bring along magazines or catalogs with poses you want to try. We're more than happy to help you replicate a favorite image whether it's Marilyn Monroe or Vogue. During your session, we'll shoot on a variety of backgrounds using a bunch of different props. We'll probably do some indoors and, weather permitting, some outside as well. Our 2.5 acre yard offers a lot of great picture spots! After your session it'll take me a day or two to complete all the retouching and enhancing of the photos. I'll go through all the pictures making sure your teeth are white and your skin is clear so you'll look your very best in every single shot. Three to four days after your session, you'll be able to view your photos on our website using an access code to view your private gallery. You can share your access code with friends and family so they can see your pictures too. About a week after your session, your 4x6 prints and CD with all the full resolution image files will be ready as well. You can stop by the studio anytime to pick up your proofs and CD. Or you can hold off and get them along with your order when it arrives. You can place your order and use your print credit anytime after the pictures have been posted online. As long as you spend within your studio credit amount, you won't have pay anything extra for your pictures. If you exceed the studio credit amount, you'll simply pay the difference. When ordering online you can even opt to have the pictures mailed to you so you don't have to come here to pick them up. This works out well for people who have a long drive.

What can I do with my CD and copyrights?
Anything you want! The copyrights give you full permission to do whatever you want with your pictures. That means you can take your pictures to walmart, walgreens, snapfish, shutterfly....wherever, and get extra prints made whenever you need to. The CD is also great for MySpace, Facebook, and blogging! And yes, the image files on the CD will be the fully retouched files so you don't have to worry about blemishes! They're the full resolution image files so the quality will be great too.

Do you offer additional products?
Yes. We offer a variety of extra products including custom graduation announcements, collages, notepads, senior albums, bookmarks, posters and more. Ask for details on the extra products available! You'll love the custom designed senior albums and collages!

Do the wallets have rounded corners?
Yes. All the prints we sell are high quality professional prints that will last 100+ years. Our wallets come precut to perfect wallet size and they do have those nice rounded corners. You can even opt to have your name and the year printed in the lower right hand corner if you want. Additionally, any larger sized prints, 11x14 and up, automatically come professionally mounted! These aren't ink on paper prints. These are real photos on real professional photo paper. A lot of places will sell you "posters" for your larger prints. Beware that posters are ink on paper and will fade and/or turn green over time. Our prints are genuine photographs meant to last for years to come. We offer prints in a variety of finishes and textures. Schedule an order appointment to see all the different options. Otherwise, standard orders and online orders are printed on high quality pro-luste paper.

How does the print credit thing work?
All of our regular senior sessions include print credit for you to use toward extra prints. With the print credit you'll be able to choose prints to have made at no additional charge. So if you have $100 in studio credit, you can spend $100 on extra prints and pay nothing for it! We offer our prints a la carte so you won't be limited by single-pose packages. Instead, you'll get to choose exactly the sizes and quantities you want. To use your print credit simply enter your print credit code online like you would a gift card and you're print credit will automatically be deducted from your total. Any studio credit you don't use on your order will remain on your card until you do use it.

What if I tell my friends?
For each of your friends or classmates that you send my way, I will credit your account with an extra $5 to use on extra prints. That's enough to get an entire set of wallets. The $5 will be credited to your account after your friend comes in for their senior session. I'll ask them how they heard about our studio and when they tell me it was you, I'll know to give you that $5 reward.

Larissa Photography, 19 S High St, Belleville, IL, USA
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