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Moving PhotoOne Orders & Payments To StudioCloud

April 26th, 2011

So the day has finally come to make the big transition over to StudioCloud from PhotoOne. Since I started the process, we’ve added quite a few customers and appointments, so I decided to start fresh by transferring customers and transferring appointments again. It took about 30 minutes to export, then re-import, and most of that time was in the PhotoOne export. After the most recent data for customers and appointments was transferred over, it was time to transfer the orders and payments.

In PhotoOne, start off by going to Utilities > Export > Export To Excel > Orders

You probably won’t have any spreadsheets defined. Click New.


Setting Up Credit Cards In StudioCloud

April 9th, 2011

I like to keep money coming in to the studio, so setting up StudioCloud to process credit cards is pretty essential. If you like your photography business to make money too, follow these steps to start bringing home the bacon (of course, having customers to pay the bills wouldn’t hurt either).

Open StudioCloud and click the Settings tab.

Click Manage Credit Card Settings.

Click Get A Merchant Warehouse Account. Yes, I know – there should be more options. I’m not sure why Merchant Warehouse is the only option. This is one of the first times where I’ve had to scratch my head wondering why that would be. I guess the[...]

Moving PhotoOne Email Templates To StudioCloud

April 8th, 2011

I’m ready to be done with this transition from PhotoOne to StudioCloud. We’re getting pretty close to wrapping up. Yesterday I finished moving appointment types to StudioCloud, and I think all I have left to do is get StudioCloud ready to accept credit card payments, then do a massive data import before doing the switch. If you’ve hung in there through the conversion, you’re a superstar. If I had blogger loot to give you, I’d definitely be happy to give you some. OK – let’s transfer some email templates.

In StudioCloud, open the CloudBoost tab.

If you don’t have Cloudboost, this will be a good chance fo[...]

GoDaddy Hosted Exchange Email With StudioCloud

March 23rd, 2011

So, it’s getting closer to the time where we’re going to make the jump from PhotoOne to StudioCloud (see why we left PhotoOne). I was thinking that we might be able to get up and running with just the customers and appointments moved over from PhotoOne, but there have been some other critical pieces to the system that we can’t do without (even temporarily). I was talking to Larissa the other day about making the switch to StudioCloud, and she asked if I had set up the automated emails in StudioCloud yet. OF COURSE I set up the automated emails – ok, no, I completely forgot. I took a quick look at the email template editor in StudioCloud (by the way, it looks li[...]

Transferring PhotoOne Prices To StudioCloud

January 31st, 2011

StudioCloud has really put a lot of work into making the transition from PhotoOne as easy as possible. If you’ve been following along since I decided to switch from PhotoOne to StudioCloud, you’ve probably been just as impressed as I have about how easy it was to install the StudioCloud desktop app, transfer customers from PhotoOne, and transfer appointments from PhotoOne.

The whole process has been a lot easier than I would have expected up to this point. Since we haven’t fully transitioned yet, I have a feeling there will still be some bumps along the way. At a minimum, we’ll have to deal with using both systems simultaneously for a while because the fi[...]

Transferring PhotoOne Appointments To StudioCloud

January 30th, 2011

After you’ve installed StudioCloud and transferred PhotoOne customers to StudioCloud, it’s time to transfer your PhotoOne appointments to your StudioCloud calendar. If you’ve already followed my first tutorial on importing data into StudioCloud, the whole process will be very similar, so I’ll save you from long detailed explanations to save time. If you’re wanting additional information on any of the steps, please let me know. Also, Larissa mentioned that you guys may prefer video tutorials, so if that’s the case, just let me know, and I’ll consider doing that for the next StudioCloud tutorial. It’s all about keeping you guys happy.


Transferring PhotoOne Customers To StudioCloud

January 10th, 2011

After you’ve finished installing StudioCloud, you’re on to getting data into the system to make it useful. If you don’t already have studio management software that you’re upgrading from, you can enter the data manually. At our studio, we already had PhotoOne installed, but we decided to switch over to StudioCloud after PhotoOne was bought out. Hopefully with this walkthrough, transferring the clients will be pretty easy. These steps may look slightly different depending on the version of PhotoOne you’re using. The screenshots were from 9.4.305c, which is what we’re running. Also, I’m on a Vista system, so that could make a small difference [...]

Installing StudioCloud Studio Management Software

January 6th, 2011

A few days ago on the blog, I talked about how PhotoOne was bought out, and we were in need of new studio management software. After comparing all the options, we found the perfect studio management software for our business, and it’s on to installation. I’ll be doing a walk-through of the installation of the free version of StudioCloud, which is where you’ll get started even if you’re planning to upgrade to CloudBoost (we definitely are). The installation is pretty simple, so probably this will just be a way for you to see exactly how simple it really is before committing to installing yourself.

To get started, head out to studio cloud’s w[...]

PhotoOne Bought By StudioPlus Software

January 4th, 2011

PhotoOne Bought Out Late last year (2010), PhotoOne was bought out by StudioPlus Software. As PhotoOne users, Larissa and I weren’t really all that bothered by the purchase. It didn’t matter who’s name was on the software. Unfortunately, changing company names wasn’t the only change StudioPlus would make.

PhotoOne Support Call Even after PhotoOne Software was purchased, we really didn’t see any reason to be alarmed for a month or 2 after the purchase. We didn’t have to change anything on our end to keep our software working like it had been in the past. It was only after I had called in to support to ask about being able to access our custom[...]