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SEO For Photographers Workshop – PPA

September 5th, 2011

Search Engine Optimization – getting your photography website to the top of Google. If it’s still a mystery to you why some websites rock the search engines and yours is still stuck on page 26 (seriously, you looked that long??), you need to come spend a day with me de-mystifying the whole SEO process.

What it’s about The SEO For Photographers Workshop is going to be about breaking down the whole SEO process from start to finish (ok, that’s a lie, you’re never finished). This is not some theoretical marketing stuff. This is how you can get your website in front of hundreds of people using the same steps that brought our business tons of new customer[...]

SEO For Photographers – Forum Posting

February 18th, 2011

After you’ve done all your on-page and on-site SEO (search engine optimization), it’s on to the real work – link building. The easiest place to start is by posting on the blog here because it is a CommentLuv photography blog. While blog links are good, you may find that you’re wanting to do more with your SEO, and so it’s on to posting on forums.

Forum signature Before you can start building links on forums, you need to set up your forum signature to contain the links you’re wanting to promote. If you don’t know which pages and keywords you’re wanting to show up in search engines, take a step back and figure that stuff out first. [...]