For a while, I’ve been using my lab’s online photo order fulfilment system, but I’ve recently switched completely over to Smugmug’s order processing system. Smugmug had some of the options I was missing with the ordering system I was using previously.

Studio logo on prints
Believe it or not, customers want your logo on your prints, or at least most of them do. With our old ordering system, there was no option for having a studio logo on the prints, and customers actually voiced their request that our lab add that as an option. That didn’t end up happening with the old system, but luckily, Smugmug does have an option to include your studio logo on prints.

Boutique packaging
Larissa was thrilled when she found out that with Smugmug she could make orders look even better when they were shipped to the customer. You’re able to set a minimum order amount before boutique packaging is added, so we’ve set ours up to be included on any orders over $100.

Larger images
With our previous ordering system, we had multiple angry customers telling us that they couldn’t see the pictures to know if they wanted to order. So I’m sure we missed out on a few orders there. With Smugmug, you can choose the maximum image size that you want your clients to be able to see.

Easier to order
Our customers have been happier with Smugmug’s ordering system than they were with our previous website. With the other ordering software, customers had trouble knowing how to add pictures to their order. With Smugmug, we haven’t had a single complaint.

Fewer charges on my credit card
This is probably just a pet peeve of mine, but it was frustrating before we moved to Smugmug for the way the print credit worked. Basically, our credit card would get charged any time we owed money for an order (we give our clients print credit to use). Smugmug just takes the money out one time at the end of the month. Simple.

Notification on new orders
Larissa says I’m OCD, and I guess I can’t disagree with her. I check our bank balance frequently, and I like to know exactly where Fedex has my new lens. I also like to know when customers put in new orders. It’s like a little bit of happiness sent to my inbox. Smugmug sends the emails with each new order.

No session expiration
It seems impractical to have sessions expire, but that’s what our old ordering system did. In fact, there was a maximum time of just a few months that a session could live on the server before it had to be reposted. I’ve had orders on some pretty old Smugmug sessions, so I know it makes more sense to do not have the expiration. Anyway, another frustration bites the dust with Smugmug.

Mobile friendly
I usually browse Smugmug on a pc, but apparently our clients appreciate the mobile version. I doubt people are placing orders on the mobile site, but if customers are sharing the gallery, there’s a much better chance that others will put their orders in.

Wrapping it up
Switching to Smugmug’s order fulfilment has already resulted in a customer sending over an email thanking me for changing systems. If Smugmug makes our customers happier, we’ll definitely be sticking with them from here on out.

For more information on using Smugmug’s order fulfillment service, visit

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5 Responses to “Smugmug Order Fulfilment Advanced Options”

  1. Jon says:

    I have never thought that clients would want my logo on the front of the photo, interesting concept…I’m going to start asking. Thanks

  2. Interesting to read of your experiences with Smugmug as I’ve been looking at using them to fulfill orders online – something I’ve not done before.

  3. Jim McGovern says:

    Looks interesting – I’ll have to take a look. Derby Wedding Photography

  4. Tom Dwyer says:

    Wow! All I’m hearing about lately is Smugmug!

    Figures I’d find it here too. (Always up on things here)

    I always see things mentioned about the internet about SM and “other must know” new photography items, but here the information is always laid out in an easy to read and understand manner.

    Why go anywhere else?

    I don’t like saying it, or typing it – Truth, the SM name really annoys me actually.. but if Smugmug offers mobile friendly ordering and no session expiration.. I’m totally looking into this professional mobile friendly photo hosting and order handling site called. Nope! I won’t type it in again! (Ya can’t make me!)

    Oh! Hey! I finally broke down and bought commentluv, for my site. I believe it was this great on photography site where I seen it being used first!

    If you know of any photographers (That you respect) in the comment luv network. Let them know about us? (Big Daddy)

    Even better, if it strikes a chord, maybe you can offer up some information on how Commentluv can be better used by dum dum old photogs like me (Photography wise) Oh yeah! That would be awesome!

    This is my first “premium” comment luv comment! Whoo Hooo! (Off to the races S.E.O. Style!)

    I’d do the commentluv piece if you tell me to… but I like to stick to photography basic how to’s and interviews with top photography talents from around the world. (Got a whopper of a Q and A piece coming up in next day or so on pro motor-cross photography set ups.)

    I might need to interview you guys soon too, (If you’re up for it) Since at one time (no more!) I did 50+ weddings a year. We could talk shop!

    I love how your information on photography is laid out.. Kudos.

    P.S. This article on Smugmug had this guy on “No Session Expiration!” I used to hate that (extra fee garbage) Stealing our money! Booooo!

  5. I have always just used mPix, it seems to work fine, but I am always looking for ways to improve and this could be one way. I will have to see how easy it is to integrate with my website.