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Teri Quance of Quance Design and Photography brought a little Texas up to Illinois a couple days ago, and I was lucky enough to catch her workshop. In fact, her class was held in room A at Studio M, our photography rental studio in Belleville. Bonus! Plus she presented some great ideas.

Where we’re meant to be
Right away Teri took off in a soul-searching morning filled with new ideas, group discussion, and worksheets. The bad news is now a room full of photographers know that I wanted to be a firefighter ninja when I was a kid. The good news is that I did also think back to times in my childhood where I experimented as a writer, musician, and videographer. At the end of the morning, each of us used our childhood dream jobs and a handful of worksheets to come up with a concrete mission statement. Not bad!

The bigger picture
One of the things that impressed me most about Teri was how much she cared about other people. I think she is one of the truly rare people who choose to think of others first. From what I can tell, Teri sees someone in need, and jumps in both feet first to help. We hear so often about how we can get other people to help us, it was refreshing to hear Teri asking who we’re here to help.

Marketing from the heart
There doesn’t have to be a disconnect between your marketing and “you”. Listening to Teri talk about marketing, you get the idea that it’s more for her than just bringing new clients in the door. She markets looking for a win for everyone involved. How can she help other people while still building her photography business? Pretty cool concept.

Demystifying the money
From my experience, it’s common for photographers to speak in vague generalities when talking about pricing. Or maybe they even bring up only their big numbers to impress everybody. Teri definitely wasn’t talking in general terms. She laid out each of her senior packages including exactly what was included down to the manufacturer and the exact price for the package. I think everyone appreciated the specifics. She even shared the reasoning behind the layout of each package. Knowing why she chose certain products in each package allows us to use similar reasoning with our own prices lists.

Tell me what you really think
To me, the biggest takeaway from the presentation was that Teri started us all down the path for how to win at life. I think most of us (myself definitely included) so often just float through and lack focus. Teri reminded us that we’ve got to approach the stuff of life with purpose – both in our personal lives and in our businesses. Talk about a challenge! That’s just how they bring it from Texas =)

For more information on Teri’s studio, visit her website at http://www.quancedesign.com

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8 Responses to “Teri Quance Photography Workshop Review”

  1. Doug says:

    Very nice review TJ.. and thanks again for hosting our meeting.

  2. Where do you have these meetings?

  3. johnavery says:

    I like the wise choice of titles of the article ,Demystifying the money, Marketing from the heart etc., really good

  4. Beth says:

    Hi TJ, this sounds like something my boyfriend could benefit from. He’s a professional photographer but has no business sense, and when you say so many of us float through and lack focus it sounds like you’re describing him to a tee. Don’t get me wrong his photography is first class (in my opinion), but he needs motivation in the other business areas, I’ll mention this workshop to him and see what he says.