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Scott from The Hospitality Concierge was kind enough to sit down with me today and discuss a new marketing system for wedding vendors. HC is doing so many different things for vendors that I had a hard time wrapping my mind around exactly what it was they were offering. Then I realized it’s basically like HC is doing PR for the wedding vendor. They have 100 different ways of spreading good news about wedding businesses.

The Concept
Brides want free stuff, and HC has stuff to give them. In order to win over a bride, The Hospitality Concierge offers a free pampering gift and a free meeting with a wedding planner. Brides can also plan their day and tell their story through the HC website. Plus they can participate in contests for more free stuff. Match up the brides with HC wedding vendors, and you’ve got happy brides and businesses.

Booking Process
Once the bride meets with the wedding planner, it’s time for the wedding planner to promote local HC wedding vendors. Of course, the bride isn’t locked into booking with these vendors, but that’s what the wedding planner recommends. Aside from the initial vendor list being only HC vendors, the wedding planner’s process is the same as it would have been for a non-HC wedding. The bride then books her vendors like normal.

HC Vendor Marketing
The Hospitality Concierge doesn’t just promote wedding vendors through wedding planners. It’s an all out marketing campaign designed to direct business to all the HC vendors. There’s Facebook marketing, video creation, HC Magazine, website creation, plus there were probably 4 or 5 other social media and word of mouth techniques HC has been using. According to The Hospitality Concierge, they want their vendors to succeed. That’s their top priority. I was pretty impressed with how serious Scott was about bringing in new business for vendors.

No Better Time Than Now
Since The Hospitality Concierge is a newer business, they have some amazing rates right now. I’ll let Scott give you exact numbers, but just to give you an idea, the yearly investment is what you’d probably expect for a monthly rate for this kind of service. On top of the price being unrealistically low, you can even reduce the cost further by referring other vendors – in fact, if you sign up mention my name =). As long as their marketing efforts work, this will be a steal-of-a-deal for wedding vendors in the St Louis area. If you’re not in St Louis, contact HC to see when they’re planning to come to their area. Talking to Scott, they’re planning to expand into other markets soon.

For more information on HC weddings, visit

I’d love to hear how HC is working for you. What part of their marketing has resulted in the most brides knocking down your door?

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8 Responses to “HC Weddings – PR For St Louis Wedding Vendors”

  1. I think its hard to create a better PR for wedding vendors. When I’ve read the title, I tried to think of some ideas about this. But I can’t think anything which can be a big help to boost the sales of wedding vendors. Nice post!

  2. Paul says:

    Sounds like a great way to setup getting clients. Being from AZ not for sure if we have HC Wedding coordinators available to us. Will look into now that know about them. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Svetlana says:

    It sounds like HC are deploying heavy artillery in promoting their vendors. They are not coming to Canada any time soon?

  4. Anything helps in regards to marketing, well, at least for the most part. The best PR for vendors or anyone really is word of mouth. I like the HC idea, it definitely has some things to think about in regards to PR, marketing.
    Thank you great read.

    • TJ McDowell says:

      Word of mouth is definitely huge! HC may be a good supplement to your word of mouth campaigns though. Also depending on what you do, HC may actually be able to get word of mouth referrals for you too.