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I’m WAY behind the times. Or at least I was. PPA has been offering their online learning pass for 2 years now, and I just found out. I’m sure I missed the frequent announcements from PPA about the online learning pass. Larissa says I can tune out pretty much anything – babies crying in the middle of the night, requests to pick up milk from the store, and apparently important announcements from Professional Photographers of America. Scratch that last one off the list because I finally got the message: “PPA Online Learning Pass rocks the house”.

Pass To What?
PPA’s Online Learning Pass is like having a membership to the PPA webinar library. That means that any new webinar that PPA puts out, you can join in live. That gives you access to the slide presentation, the audio, plus the ability to ask the presenter questions using live chat. What’s even more important to me though is that you also get access to the PPA Online Learning Pass Webinar Archive. Gold mine! As of right now, there are 127 different webinars in the archive. With each webinar lasting around an hour, that’s a lot of content! Not only that, but all the webinars are available whenever you want them – over your lunch break, after you get done editing at 1 am, when you need a break processing orders at 1 pm =)

The Price Is Right
A single webinar is $39 for PPA members. If you were to buy each of the webinars in the archive, that would be right around $5,000. With the Online Learning Pass, it’s $99 for six months. That’s pretty amazing in my book. To be honest, I hadn’t tried any of PPA’s webinars before I heard about the learning pass. I was either too busy or concerned that I would get a boring webinar and have wasted $39. With the learning pass, I don’t really care if I find a webinar I don’t like. I’ve got 100 other choices that I could switch over to at any point without feeling guilty.

Big Names, Straight Talk
PPA has webinars from Lori Nordstrom, Kay Eskridge, Beth Forester, Julia Woods, Bry Cox, Kevin Kubota, and my boys Jeff Medford & Ross Hockrow from The Get In Motion Tour just to name a few. There are plenty other names that I didn’t previously know too. Topics range from Lightroom to posing to marketing and everything in-between. So far, I haven’t been able to put a dent in the 127 webinar library. With what I’ve listened to so far though, my favorite class was Laura Novak’s Fast-Paced Wedding Growth. I think it struck a chord with me because my slow season project is to research growing our wedding revenue. Laura gave tips for getting more weddings, and tips for stepping up to better weddings. She talked about working with vendors and how to not waste money on advertising. If you’re wanting a good webinar to start on, I’d say that would be a great choice.

In A Perfect World
I wrote an entire paragraph on how I wish the webinars were categorized and had the speaker info on the front page only to find another page on the PPA site that had exactly what I was looking for. Instead of going through the learning pass link in the My PPA section, I recommend you browse the titles using this page: http://www.ppa.com/education-events/webinars.php. That leaves me with only one suggestion, and it’s probably not an easy fix. It would be AMAZING to have a reminder about which presentations have already been watched. With 127 options, I know there are going to be times where I waste 10 minutes trying to remember if I’ve heard this presentation before. I guess if I really weren’t being lazy though, I could keep track of what I watched on my own. Probably not going to happen =)

Pass It On
You probably skipped half the article just looking for a link to sign up, so here it is: http://www.ppa.com/education/learning_pass.php . After you sign up, don’t be greedy. Tell your friends. As you watch different webinars, it would be great if you could post your fav’s here so I can check those out first. Have fun!

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