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Last night I attended the Get In Motion Tour on the St Louis stop. In case the name threw you off, the tour is not a row of exercise bikes that wives force their husbands to go ride for 5 hours. Seriously, why would you think that? The tour is about transforming boring photographers into superhuman videographers. How much more exciting is that? My heart rate is already in the cardio zone just thinking about all the idea candy they were tossing around last night.

Jeff And Ross
I’ve found that it’s tough to learn from someone you don’t like. Good news for me – I liked both of the tour presenters. Jeff seemed like the kind of guy you could call up any time to just go out for a coffee. Of course, I don’t drink coffee, so it would be just him drinking the coffee. No biggie. He brought his daughter along to help hand out tickets for winning prizes. She reminded me of my daughter Estelle, but without all the wall-bouncing tendencies. Jeff’s daughter even made a couple guest appearances during the performance =) Loved it! Ross was an easy-going guy and quick to joke around. To me, it felt like he was the kind of guy that knew way more than he was currently sharing. Probably good that he didn’t unload the video genius truck on us – most of the photographers in the room were frantically taking notes hoping to catch all the important stuff Ross was saying. Looking back over my notes, both guys passed along a boatload of useful tips.

Film-making 101
Because the audience was made up of mostly photographers, Jeff and Ross went back to the basics of film-making. If I had attended the tour a year ago, I could have dramatically reduced the learning curve for how to make amazing videos. Even though I’d say I’ve left rookie status, I still hadn’t arrived at the same outlook on making videos that these guys brought to the table. I had kind-of figured out some of the stuff they were saying before, but after coming home and reviewing a recent wedding video I just put together, apparently I haven’t been applying the principles all the time. I also found that there were quite a few “gaps” in my film-making thinking that got filled in. I talked to the guys who hadn’t done video before, and they took a lot away too – just different stuff than I was taking away. Either way, we both benefited.

Marketing and business ideas
Sometimes hearing a business idea will spark a related idea for ways to implement something similar in your own business. Jeff’s business model isn’t really all the similar to ours, but it got the wheels spinning for me. Right now I’m still thinking of ways that we could market video at our studio. One of the other things I love is hearing about ideas leading to major success for a business. Jeff’s stories are the kind of inspiration a business owner needs as a reminder to keep pushing yourself to the next level. To me, it was an affirmation that we’re headed in the right direction.

Introducing new tools
You guys know I’m a gearhead. Seriously, one of my life goals is to bring a sleeping bag and camp out in a camera store for a week. Who needs trees and campfires when you have lenses and tripods? So of course I loved the equipment demo’s from Get In Motion. We saw audio equipment, tripods, unipods, shoulder mounts, etc. I appreciated the fact that they kept their recommendations for starter gear practical. I’m sure my bank account will appreciate their approach too. Even better than just seeing the gear, I appreciated the equipment used in context discussions. When would you use this fancy tool? Genius.

Photographer’s perspective
Let me start by saying that if you’re expecting fusion, you aren’t going to get it. Take that! I can’t remember seeing any stills in any of the videos. Does that disappoint me? No. Over the past year of doing fusion, we’ve found that the more video clips we introduce into our wedding videos, the better they are. At this point, I try to include about 10 of our best story telling images in our fusion videos. Try it out yourself – more video, more fantastic. As far as the presentation of the content, they did an awesome job making sure photographers understood exactly what they were talking about. They brought up specific differences between photography and film-making, and they encouraged us to use what we already knew about photos to make our videos better. Well done.

Final score
All star performance. The photographer sitting in front of me traveled over 4 hours from Arkansas to see the show, and it was worth it for him. If you’re wanting the key to unlock the door to the video world, the Get In Motion Tour is the place to start. If you’re feeling like you’re wanting to do something different in your photography business, THIS IS IT!

Get In Motion is touring until 11/30/11 where they’ll end up in Hawaii (maybe I should have caught up with them there). For more information on the tour, go to . Check out their promo video, I think you’ll like it. PLUS, tickets are only $49 when you use the promo code LARISSA . What? Just because it’s her name doesn’t mean I’m less important! Go get your tickets now, and tell me what you think after you hit the tour in your city.

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