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At our last Southern Illinois Art League meeting, we had the pleasure of having Rebekah Albaugh spend a day with us teaching us her tricks for running a successful photography business. I don’t know about the other photographers, but Larissa and I enjoyed quite a few laughs and had a great time learning from Rebekah! We’re planning to catch up with her again soon because she seems like such a great photographer to know.

Instant connection
Larissa and I both felt a quick connection to Rebekah. Maybe it was her style of presentation or just that she seemed to enjoy living life. Whatever it was, she did a fantastic job building a relationship bridge in the workshop. I’m sure that’s how it is at her weddings and photo shoots too. Luckily, she let us in on some of her quick-connection tricks. She talked about how she gets through to both the guys and the girls. Great stuff – I wrote lots of notes.

Shooting techniques
When Larissa and I went to the Power of Passion Tour, we ended up on stage. I got called out again to be a model at Rebekah’s workshop. Why do I get called on so frequently? I wore my favorite shirt, but more than the shirt it’s probably because I always have something to say. Anyway, I think both the real model and myself both were comfortable being posed by Rebekah. One of my favorite parts of the shooting was seeing Rebekah interact with her lenses, which she has named and shows frequent affection to. I’m right there with her, but I guess I keep my feelings more supressed =) Cracked me up!

Marketing tips
I always enjoy some statistics to establish a photographer as an expert. Rebekah gave us some of her hard numbers, then she went on to explain how she got to that level. Perfect! She talked about both how to get new clients and how to keep the ones you have. She also discussed the menu technique for getting people to purchase additional products. You’ll have to ask her about that one because that’s how I buy ALL THE TIME.

The last stuff I’ll say
Rebekah was quirky and likable. Professional and winsome. I think she’s got the personality to take her photography instructing on tour or as a speaker at WPPI or Imaging. So photography vendors, if you’re looking for a new name that could go big, Rebekah’s your gal. I’m glad Larissa and I got the chance to hear her speak, and we’d love to catch her next workshop too.

Have you guys attended one of Rebekah’s workshops? I bet there will be people stumbling on this blog post as she makes her rise up to the top as a photography speaker.

To learn more about Rebekah, visit her website at

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2 Responses to “Rebekah Albaugh Photography Workshop Review”

  1. Rebekah says:

    Thank you for the great review, TJ! Yes, I did happen to call on you for the combined enticment of both your wonderful shirt and your willingness to participate and ask questions! ;)