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Rebekah Albaugh Photography Workshop Review

September 23rd, 2011

At our last Southern Illinois Art League meeting, we had the pleasure of having Rebekah Albaugh spend a day with us teaching us her tricks for running a successful photography business. I don’t know about the other photographers, but Larissa and I enjoyed quite a few laughs and had a great time learning from Rebekah! We’re planning to catch up with her again soon because she seems like such a great photographer to know.

Instant connection Larissa and I both felt a quick connection to Rebekah. Maybe it was her style of presentation or just that she seemed to enjoy living life. Whatever it was, she did a fantastic job building a relationship bridge in the workshop. I[...]

Avoiding Wedding Consult No-Shows

September 12th, 2011

You’ve worked your butt off at bridal shows to land your wedding consultations, so when a bride doesn’t show up to her consult, it can be pretty frustrating. Not only did you not get to meet with a bride, but you also didn’t book that perfectly good time slot for any other sessions. There’s no way to avoid the no-show scenario completely, but here are a few ways you can at least reduce the likelihood that it will happen.

First in wins It took us a few lost brides to figure this one out, but now it seems pretty obvious. Photographers want to book a bride on the spot. They’ll offer a book-us-now one time offer so a bride that doesn’t book immed[...]

SEO For Photographers Workshop – PPA

September 5th, 2011

Search Engine Optimization – getting your photography website to the top of Google. If it’s still a mystery to you why some websites rock the search engines and yours is still stuck on page 26 (seriously, you looked that long??), you need to come spend a day with me de-mystifying the whole SEO process.

What it’s about The SEO For Photographers Workshop is going to be about breaking down the whole SEO process from start to finish (ok, that’s a lie, you’re never finished). This is not some theoretical marketing stuff. This is how you can get your website in front of hundreds of people using the same steps that brought our business tons of new customer[...]