Cheetah Stand

Larissa and I love shooting fashiony strobed images. We also move around from place to place quite a bit while we’re shooting. A few months back we were getting pretty frustrated with our light stands. It seemed like they couldn’t keep up with our fast-paced shooting style. We were always having to open the legs, tighten, loosen close, repeat… What a pain.

Automatic light stand
We heard about a product called the Cheetah Stand where the legs would automatically collapse or expand as you picked it up or put it down. I was pretty skeptical that this would be the solution to our problem, but turns out the product does exactly what it says. There’s a center pole that extends just a little further than the legs that tells the light stand when to make the collapse or expand magic happen. You really have to try one to experience how amazing it is.

Problems with the Cheetah Stand
I’ve only really had one problem with the Cheetah Stands over the months that we’ve been using them. The stand suddenly wasn’t opening or closing at all. I called in, and the owner walked me through what to do to fix the problem. I just had to twist the stand around until it got into the right position again. Simple. Even if I couldn’t have fixed it, he said I could send it back in for them to take care of the issue. SWEET!

Should you buy a Cheetah Stand?
If you’re a natural light shooter, you’ll probably be wasting your money on the cheetah stand. If you don’t use off-camera flash, you won’t appreciate it until you move your photography to the next level. If you find yourself constantly moving your flashes (or even your video lights) and getting frustrated with the whole opening and closing mess, then you DEFINITELY should buy a cheetah stand. No, buy 2 or 3. You’ll love them.

In closing
Simple product, perfect solution, reasonable price. What’s not to love? Are you guys already using Cheetah Stands? Anything that you have that’s comparable (I looked online and couldn’t find anything else like this)?

For more information or to purchase, visit the Cheetah Stand website at

2 Responses to “Cheetah Stand Review”

  1. John McGraw says:

    Awesome stand, just what I need, thanks for bringing it to my attention