Let me first start by apologizing for not posting in so long. It’s been my goal to post at least once or twice each week, and until last week I had been keeping up with that goal. Unfortunately, as much as I love blogging, I love keeping our customers happy even more, so no blog post last week (as a quick tip – any blogging you do is less important than keeping customers referring others to your business).

On to Rod Evans and APPI. Amazing and amazing. Seriously, Rod rocked the show in the small town of Germantown IL. As far as I can remember, this was my first time seeing Rod speak in person, but I think I might have caught him on PhotoVision before. Not sure. Here’s the run-down on the class:

Photography Material
Rod’s photography is impressive, which is always a plus when you’re teaching a bunch of photographers. We talked about a few of the lighting patterns Rod uses when he’s shooting, which included the lighting diagrams – sweet! We also talked about some of the newer lighting solutions and which lights are the best for capturing the full spectrum (new to me, so I’m glad he brought that up). We also learned a couple posing tricks, and you can never have too many of those.

Marketing Advice
If the photography stuff was good, the marketing advice was twice as good. Larissa and I have been unpacking what he said for the past few days. We’ll be riding in the car and one of us will say “what do you think about Rod’s idea on…”. I’m not going to give away any of Rod’s advice, but you definitely need to attend one of his classes the next time he presents to soak up what he’s saying.

Presentation Style
Larissa and I were busting a gut the whole time. He’s definitely top 3 for great presentation style on my list. Jerry Ghionis – makes Sandy Puc cross her fingers every time he gets on stage, Vicki and Jed Taufer – the dynamic duo of fast talk and one-liners, and now Rod Evans – the Steve Carell of photography. Not only was he funny, but he wasn’t stuck on himself. I think that may be a big part of the genius of his philosophy on marketing. If you’ve seen him speak, you’ll know what I mean.

Worth the time?
Yes, it was definitely worth giving up a day in the studio and paying the small cost to go see Rod. To take it one step further, it was even worth nearly getting hit by a tornado on the way home, sitting in a McDonald’s freezer with a bunch of employees, nearly getting hit by the 2nd wave of tornado’s, going down in the crawl space of some random people, then finally getting home soaking wet and freezing. That’s right – Rod Evans class was that good.

For more information on APPI visit:

And if you’re too lazy to type Rod Evans name into Google, here’s his website:

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