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Nobody likes to go through the returns process for equipment. Unfortunately, even equipment that has been tested for defects will have intermittent issues that are hard to detect without regularly using the equipment. That was the case with a Sigma 70-200 that I recently picked up from According to Sigma, the lens had a problem with the diaphragm sticking. They suggested returning the lens to KEH. I’d had great success with buying equipment from KEH in the past, but I know the returning merchandise can be a real test of the vendor’s commitment to customer service.

Professionalism about return
I talked to Dan at KEH about the issues I was having with my lens, and I let him know that Sigma suggested returning the lens. I didn’t have to argue my point at all. He gave me 3 different options, and walked me through the return process. He gave me his personal email and his direct line in case I had any questions. Wow – I was completely not expecting this level of service. Well done KEH!

Returning the lens
From previous returns to different places, I was expecting to have to pay for shipping. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that KEH was going to pay the shipping for me. SWEET! I took the lens to a local Fedex shipping facility along with the box, the receipt, and a Fedex RMA printout that KEH had emailed me. I had thrown away the original packing supplies, and I was too lazy to look around for good packing supplies here at the studio. The shipping facility said they would pack it for me for $2. Perfect.

Getting the refund
KEH gave me 3 options for the return. I could let them do a repair, I could do an exchange, or I could get a refund. At different times, I actually had considered doing each of these things. My first choice was to do an exchange. Unfortunately, there were no other Sigma 70-200 lenses in stock, so I would have to wait for someone else to sell their lens to KEH. I found the lens on another site, so I ended up opting for a refund. I gave Dan a call and he said they’d go ahead and get the refund processed for me. My Paypal account was credited back with the purchase amount that same day.

Overall experience
Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that this was a return, I’d recommend everybody try out KEH’s return process. I think KEH ended up going over and above throughout the entire return process. I’m impressed.

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Have you guys had good experience with KEH’s return process too?

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