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Rod Evans APPI Seminar Review

May 31st, 2011

Let me first start by apologizing for not posting in so long. It’s been my goal to post at least once or twice each week, and until last week I had been keeping up with that goal. Unfortunately, as much as I love blogging, I love keeping our customers happy even more, so no blog post last week (as a quick tip – any blogging you do is less important than keeping customers referring others to your business).

On to Rod Evans and APPI. Amazing and amazing. Seriously, Rod rocked the show in the small town of Germantown IL. As far as I can remember, this was my first time seeing Rod speak in person, but I think I might have caught him on PhotoVision before. Not sure. H[...]

Professional Photographer Camera Settings

May 13th, 2011

One of the search terms I see showing up in Google Analytics for my blog is “professional photographer camera settings”. While I think I’m pretty good at search engine optimization, I didn’t realize I was good enough to show up for terms that I didn’t have content for. Actually, that just makes me look stupid for showing up in search results where I don’t have relevant material. So to reduce the amount of stupid that I look, I thought it would be nice to write about camera settings for professionals. So here we go – how to set up your camera in the perfect way to make yourself look like a professional and start raking in the cash (because prof[...]

SEO For Photographers – Link Exchanges

May 11th, 2011

Link Exchanges – trading links with another website in order to rank higher in the search engines. Sounds great, but does it really work? I’ll let you know that in the past, I tried using link exchanges as a link-building technique, but since then, I’ve stopped using this method for SEO.

Adding value Hopefully your business is built around adding value to the lives of your customers. Your marketing should follow that same rule. The best marketing material will educate, entertain, or inform. If you’re exchanging links with some photographer half way across the world, are you really doing any of those? I came to the conclusion that for our business, getti[...] Return Process Review

May 5th, 2011

Nobody likes to go through the returns process for equipment. Unfortunately, even equipment that has been tested for defects will have intermittent issues that are hard to detect without regularly using the equipment. That was the case with a Sigma 70-200 that I recently picked up from According to Sigma, the lens had a problem with the diaphragm sticking. They suggested returning the lens to KEH. I’d had great success with buying equipment from KEH in the past, but I know the returning merchandise can be a real test of the vendor’s commitment to customer service.

Professionalism about return I talked to Dan at KEH about the issues I was having with my len[...] Interview

May 2nd, 2011

TJ: Matt, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me today about It’s such a great service, and I think photographers everywhere appreciate the effort you’re putting into the project.

TJ: So for a photographer who’s just now discovering, could you give a quick overview of how is different than sites offering royalty free music?

Matt: We created Songfreedom so photographers and their customers wouldn’t have to suffer through generic sounding music any longer. We offer high production value music including songs you’ve probably heard on the radio that your clients might a[...]