A couple months ago, I did a ProShow Web review where I looked at creating a slideshow with ProShow Web and Producer. Since then, ProShow has added the ability to retrieve images from your SmugMug account. They’ve also added some other features like a call to action link and the ability to trim video in ProShow Web, etc. Pretty cool stuff. Take a look at how easy it was to get the images from my SmugMug.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 01

Starting out in ProShow Web, I created a new show, and chose a winter theme. I know a winter theme is an odd choice for a post I’m putting out in spring, but maybe I felt like you guys would appreciate a winter themed post more after all the cold weather was past (ok, so I just didn’t plan the post to match the season). Click Next.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 02

Under Imagery Tools, Add Photos And Videos, click SmugMug.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 03

This brings up the SmugMug login screen. Click login.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 04

Type in your login info and click Login.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 05

SmugMug has a confirmation screen to make sure you want to allow ProShow Web to access your SmugMug account. We do, so click Authorize.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 06

We get a confirmation screen saying everything’s good to go, and prepare to be redirected back to ProShow.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 07

Back in ProShow, you choose the album you’re wanting to retrieve images from. I’ve only got the Winter Wonderland album, so it’s already on the right album.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 08

I want to use all my images, so I clicked Select All, then import.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 09

The images start to import into ProShow. One thing that I REALLY liked is that the images weren’t getting downloaded to my pc, then re-uploaded to ProShow. I was using a free (meaning slow) wifi connection at a local restaurant, and it would have taken forever to download full-res images, then re-upload. Since the images were transferred straight from SmugMug to ProShow, I think it only took 5 minutes for all 40 full-res images to be imported. I’m impressed.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 10

After all the images have been imported, click next.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 11

Choose a song, or chose multiple songs – one of the features I love about ProShow Web. Click Next.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 12

Fill in the details for your show. Also, notice the new link back section. Good addition ProShow team! Click Next.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 13

It seems like the video should start building automatically, but no biggie, I can click an extra button to start the build.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 14

Building the video…

Proshow Web And SmugMug 15

And it’s ready to go. Click play and watch the slideshow.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 16

Stopping the video part of the way through, you’ll see the link to the website.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 17

The ProShow / SmugMug integration isn’t a one way street. You can also send your ProShow Web video over to SmugMug. Go to the share section, and click SmugMug.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 18

Tell it which Gallery the video should be posted to. It may make sense to make a videos Gallery. It’s all about what’s easiest for you. I posted mine back to the gallery with my Winter Wonderland pics.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 19

The show will now export to SmugMug.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 20

I’m not really sure how long this process normally takes. My free wifi connection got dropped. If I buy your food, you should probably not drop my connection. Seriously! Either way, I reconnected to the network, and ProShow showed that the export was complete.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 21

I logged in to my SmugMug account, and looked for the video in my gallery. It was there…kind of. It looked like a regular image. When I clicked on it, nothing happened. I’m not sure if this was another wifi issue or if nothing happened because the video was still processing on SmugMug’s side.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 22

I went back in to the gallery, and there was a play button instead of just an image. Looks like it had to finish processing. Click the video.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 23

Click play on the preview image.

Proshow Web And SmugMug 24

Roll the video. SWEET! Looks great, and the whole process was simple. Well done ProShow Web and SmugMug!

For more information on ProShow Web, visit www.ProShowWeb.com
For more information on SmugMug, visit www.smugmug.com

Here’s the Winter Wonderland video. No, these sessions are not available for adults. Come on guys – grow up!

I think I’m probably a latecomer to the SmugMug scene. Do most of you already have SmugMug accounts? Have any of you guys switched over to making slideshows with ProShow Web?

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6 Responses to “Using SmugMug With ProShow Web”

  1. Wow, nicely done. You’ve inspired me to get cracking and make a few of these.
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  2. Wow–Im using both of these (SM, PSW) and didn’t know this could be so slick–gonna try it out today!! and probably teach it at my Texas School Class! Thanks for the awesome tip!

  3. Thanks for the post, the screen shots are fantastic. I’ll try it out.

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