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I like to keep money coming in to the studio, so setting up StudioCloud to process credit cards is pretty essential. If you like your photography business to make money too, follow these steps to start bringing home the bacon (of course, having customers to pay the bills wouldn’t hurt either).

StudioCloud Merchant Gateway Account 01

Open StudioCloud and click the Settings tab.

StudioCloud Merchant Gateway Account 02

Click Manage Credit Card Settings.

StudioCloud Merchant Gateway Account 03

Click Get A Merchant Warehouse Account. Yes, I know – there should be more options. I’m not sure why Merchant Warehouse is the only option. This is one of the first times where I’ve had to scratch my head wondering why that would be. I guess the good news is that so far I haven’t really had many other complaints up to this point. I’m sure Merchant Warehouse will work out alright anyway.

StudioCloud Merchant Gateway Account 04

Read about Merchant Warehouse and click Get Started Today.

StudioCloud Merchant Gateway Account 05

Fill out your information to apply for a merchant account with Merchant Warehouse.

StudioCloud Merchant Gateway Account 06

The application has been submitted, so now you’ll have to wait for a Merchant Warehouse rep to contact you. I submitted my application right before we had a photo shoot on a Tuesday night. Merchant Warehouse called 3 times to leave messages before I was able to get back with them – they’re on the ball. I finished all the paperwork, and by Thursday (2 days after the initial inquiry), I had my account ready to go.

StudioCloud Merchant Gateway Account 07

After you’ve got your email back from Merchant Warehouse with your account information, open StudioCloud back up, and go to the Settings tab.

StudioCloud Merchant Gateway Account 08

Click Manage Credit Card Settings.

StudioCloud Merchant Gateway Account 09

Click Setup Merchant Warehouse Gateway.

StudioCloud Merchant Gateway Account 10

Fill in your account information from your email. Be careful when you fill it out to put the right fields in the right place. The order of the information in the email wasn’t the same as it was in StudioCloud. Click Save.

StudioCloud Merchant Gateway Account 11

And now you’ve got your confirmation that everything is good to go with credit card processing in StudioCloud.

Apparently Merchant Warehouse is supposed to have good processing rates. Have you guys found this to be true? If they’re not all that low, I think we could probably get StudioCloud to add support for other merchants. If you’ve got better rates with someone else, please post the merchant and the rate.

StudioCloud - Free Business Management Software

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