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I’m ready to be done with this transition from PhotoOne to StudioCloud. We’re getting pretty close to wrapping up. Yesterday I finished moving appointment types to StudioCloud, and I think all I have left to do is get StudioCloud ready to accept credit card payments, then do a massive data import before doing the switch. If you’ve hung in there through the conversion, you’re a superstar. If I had blogger loot to give you, I’d definitely be happy to give you some. OK – let’s transfer some email templates.

Transferring Email Templates 01

In StudioCloud, open the CloudBoost tab.

Transferring Email Templates 02

If you don’t have Cloudboost, this will be a good chance for you to upgrade your account to include Cloudboost. Before you upgrade, all the functionality under the Cloudboost section will be disabled. Click Manage Emails.

Transferring Email Templates 03

If you’re just getting everything set up, like I am, your list of emails will be empty.

Transferring Email Templates 04

Now in PhotoOne, open the Setup menu and go to Email Editor.

Transferring Email Templates 05

Double click the first email in the list to see the email details.

Transferring Email Templates 06

As long as your emails are set up the same as mine are, you’ll want to click Text to view the email text.

Transferring Email Templates 07

Review the text of your email in case there’s anything you need to change before transferring the email template over to StudioCloud.

Transferring Email Templates 08

Highlight the email text (use your mouse to select the text or go to the beginning of the text and click shift + ctl + end). Right click the highlighted text and click Copy.

Transferring Email Templates 03

Back in StudioCloud, click New Custom Email.

Transferring Email Templates 09

Fill out the basic information for the email, and choose which event will trigger the email being sent. This is my 3 month baby email, so I want it to get sent out a few days before the customer comes in for the 3 month baby session. Make sure to check Customer(s) so the customer gets the email. This screenshot doesn’t show it, but I also ended up checking custom so I could send a copy of the email to myself. After you’ve got this info filled out, click Edit Email Message.

Transferring Email Templates 10

Paste the email you copied to the clipboard from PhotoOne.

Transferring Email Templates 11

Now you’ll want to swap out the custom message text from the PhotoOne version to the StudioCloud equivalent. I was suprised that I couldn’t include the customer name in the appointment email. Everything else had a direct translation in StudioCloud. Click Save when you’re done.

Transferring Email Templates 12

Click Save again on the main email screen.

Transferring Email Templates 13

Back in the email list, you’ll see the new email shows up. Click Activate Alert because you want it to start sending emails automatically.

Transferring Email Templates 14

Click Yes because you really do want to activate this email.

Transferring Email Templates 15

Now the alert shows active, and you should be ready to go with this automated email.

Transferring Email Templates 16

I also had non-automated emails that I needed to set up, so back at the CloudBoost main screen, click the Settings tab.

Transferring Email Templates 17

Click Manage Templates.

Transferring Email Templates 18

Again, my list of templates is blank. Click New Document Template.

Transferring Email Templates 19

Paste your PhotoOne email.

Transferring Email Templates 20

Translate the special text to be compatible with StudioCloud. This time all the fields that I expected to be able to use were available. Click Save.

Transferring Email Templates 21

The new email shows up in the list.

Transferring Email Templates 22

My Adboost email list ended up looking like this after I was done.

Transferring Email Templates 23

My non-automated email list ended up looking like this.

I think the total time for me to do the transfer was about an hour. Gross. Suck it up – we’re almost done with converting over to StudioCloud (the pep talk is as much for me as it is for you).

Have you guys all upgraded to CloudBoost? If not, are you going to try to remember to send all the emails manually when you schedule an appointment? Is your workflow completely different than ours?

StudioCloud - Free Business Management Software

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