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Silverlake Photo Accessories Interview

April 27th, 2011

TJ: Travis, Thanks for taking the time for the interview. I know you guys are busy there. I was first introduced to Silverlake at a Power of Passion Tour, and I’ll have to say I was very impressed. I also saw that you guys showed up in an article in this month’s Professional Photographer magazine, which is awesome!

Travis: Thanks TJ. We are happy to have been able to meet you on tour. Yes, things have been crazy around here lately and this new line of Colorsmack Backdrops has been keeping us hopping

TJ: Probably the first thing that caught my attention looking at your backdrops was that they’re wrinkle free, but not like the wrinkle free stuff I’ve[...]

Moving PhotoOne Orders & Payments To StudioCloud

April 26th, 2011

So the day has finally come to make the big transition over to StudioCloud from PhotoOne. Since I started the process, we’ve added quite a few customers and appointments, so I decided to start fresh by transferring customers and transferring appointments again. It took about 30 minutes to export, then re-import, and most of that time was in the PhotoOne export. After the most recent data for customers and appointments was transferred over, it was time to transfer the orders and payments.

In PhotoOne, start off by going to Utilities > Export > Export To Excel > Orders

You probably won’t have any spreadsheets defined. Click New.


Canon Rebel T2i Video Mode Review

April 19th, 2011

We recently picked up a Canon Rebel T2i so we could shoot some additional video at our weddings – nothing as amazing as our friends at Peace Love Productions consistently put out, but just something extra for our clients who don’t have a videographer. If you’re considering purchasing a T2i, here are a few things I didn’t find other people mentioning online, but I wish I had known before I made my purchase.

Where’s video mode? If you think the T2i is going to be basically the same as a 5D Mark II just with a different crop factor, you’re in for a big surprise. I must have tried to get video mode working on the T2i for 15 minutes. I’m push[...]

How To Promote A Photography Blog

April 15th, 2011

In a recent post on blogging tips for photographers, I covered the basics on determining WHAT you should be blogging so people actually care what you’re writing. Of course, writing great content does you no good if nobody knows your blog exists. Today, we’re going to look at ways to make sure your blog gets the readers it deserves (your blog does deserve to be read, doesn’t it?).

Actively Promoting… It’s time to get to work. It’s highly unlikely that people will randomly stumble onto your blog. You don’t find yourself typing in url’s for random blogs do you? Most likely, the blogs you visit had a blog owner who took the time to [...]

Using SmugMug With ProShow Web

April 13th, 2011

A couple months ago, I did a ProShow Web review where I looked at creating a slideshow with ProShow Web and Producer. Since then, ProShow has added the ability to retrieve images from your SmugMug account. They’ve also added some other features like a call to action link and the ability to trim video in ProShow Web, etc. Pretty cool stuff. Take a look at how easy it was to get the images from my SmugMug.

Starting out in ProShow Web, I created a new show, and chose a winter theme. I know a winter theme is an odd choice for a post I’m putting out in spring, but maybe I felt like you guys would appreciate a winter themed post more after all the cold weather was past [...]

Setting Up Credit Cards In StudioCloud

April 9th, 2011

I like to keep money coming in to the studio, so setting up StudioCloud to process credit cards is pretty essential. If you like your photography business to make money too, follow these steps to start bringing home the bacon (of course, having customers to pay the bills wouldn’t hurt either).

Open StudioCloud and click the Settings tab.

Click Manage Credit Card Settings.

Click Get A Merchant Warehouse Account. Yes, I know – there should be more options. I’m not sure why Merchant Warehouse is the only option. This is one of the first times where I’ve had to scratch my head wondering why that would be. I guess the[...]

Moving PhotoOne Email Templates To StudioCloud

April 8th, 2011

I’m ready to be done with this transition from PhotoOne to StudioCloud. We’re getting pretty close to wrapping up. Yesterday I finished moving appointment types to StudioCloud, and I think all I have left to do is get StudioCloud ready to accept credit card payments, then do a massive data import before doing the switch. If you’ve hung in there through the conversion, you’re a superstar. If I had blogger loot to give you, I’d definitely be happy to give you some. OK – let’s transfer some email templates.

In StudioCloud, open the CloudBoost tab.

If you don’t have Cloudboost, this will be a good chance fo[...]

Moving PhotoOne AppointmentTypes to StudioCloud

April 7th, 2011

For the types of data that PhotoOne has export functionality for, StudioCloud has been kind enough to allow importing the data. So far, I’ve successfully transferred prices, transferred customers, and transferred appointments. I still need to transfer orders and payments, but I haven’t done that yet. I’m waiting until I get everything set up in StudioCloud, then I’ll re-import everything all at once before making the big switch from PhotoOne to StudioCloud. In preparation for the switchover, today I worked on moving the appointment types from PhotoOne to StudioCloud. Unfortunately there’s no export feature (at least none that I know of) in PhotoOne for appointme[...]

Blogging For Photographers – What’s The Point?

April 5th, 2011

Blogs can be a powerful tool for your business, but if you’re investing time in your blog without seeing results, it may be time to re-assess your blogging efforts. I’m not suggesting that you stop blogging. In fact, I’m suggesting the opposite – that you need to take some extra time to figure out how your blog can be a benefit to your business.

Blogging with purpose Why do you have a blog? If it’s because you heard from another photographer that you need one, you need to take some time to re-think your reasoning. If you blog because it helps your business, that’s at least a step in the right direction. Hopefully, you’ll eventually thi[...]