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I recently ran across – a Popular Music Library For Photographers And Videographers, and was pretty intrigued by the concept. The idea was that photographers could legally use mainstream music from artists like Train, Sister Hazel, and Jason Mraz on their slideshows and promotional videos. We’ve had customers asking for this stuff for a while now, so I was excited to give a try.

The difference mainstream music makes
I’ve tried all kinds of royalty free music websites, and I’ve narrowed down to Triple Scoop Music and Animoto as the best of the best. I’ve made slideshows using music from both sites, and have been very happy with the results. Until you’ve tried the best, it’s easy to be satisfied with “pretty good”. I didn’t think it would make too big of a difference using mainstream music. I was wrong. So far, I’ve made 4 slideshows with music, and the impact of the slideshows has been amazing.

Ease of use
I wasn’t sure how much different it would be to use mainstream music than it was to use royalty free music. There was some difference. With royalty free music, once you buy it, you have a pretty long leash with how you can use the music. With the mainstream music on, you’ve got to include credit at the end of the slideshow using a credit screen, which didn’t end up being too much of a pain because there is an image included in the zip download. Also, you’re limited to how many times you can use the music. As far as using the music in slideshows, it was simple to use the mp3. Overall, the download-and-use process was pretty simple.

Song selection isn’t just about mainstream music. There are also libraries for indi music, instrumental music, etc. For me, I was really the most interested in the mainstream music library. I would guess that I would use the other music at some point, but to start with, I went straight for the mainstream stuff. As of right now, there are 18 selections in the mainstream music library. I have a feeling that the library is going to grow pretty quickly, but even if it doesn’t, 18 songs is still a good starter collection. At the Power of Passion Tour, Jerry Ghionis suggested that a handful of amazing images is significantly better than hundreds of mediocre images. I think it’s the same for music. Aside from, there’s no other legal way for photographers to get top-quality music.

Subscription options
Packages start from $14.99 per month and go up to $99.99 per month. It all depends on whether you’re wanting to have access to the mainstream music library (who wouldn’t?) and how much you’re needing to use the songs from the library. I did the silver package ($39.99 per month) where you can use up to 30 songs per year. Doing a comparison, that’s about the same as one new royalty free song per month from another site. I’d say that for what you’re getting, that’s a pretty good deal.

Parting thoughts
To me, it seems like is going to take off pretty quickly. There’s nothing else like it on the market. If you want to legally use mainstream music on your website or slideshows, you’re going to be using Your customers already have their favorite music, and they’re asking for it on their slideshows. Sure, they’ll put up with knock-off music, but they’ll pay more for the stuff they know. If you can’t make up for the cost of the subscription many times over, I’ll be surprised.

For more information on monthly packages, visit Let me know what you think. Are you planning to sign up soon? If you’re holding off on signing up, what would it take for you to make the jump?

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8 Responses to “ Review”

  1. Craig says:

    It seems like there isn’t much of a selection of mainstream music.

    Have you tried They have a great royalty free music selection. They also have a great tool for adding background music to slide shows that saves a bunch of time. They are the only ones with this patented process that makes the music the exact length that you want.

    • TJ says:

      With 18 mainstream options for right now, I’ll agree that it will be nice when there are a few more mainstream songs available. However, I think you’ll have to agree that is a fantastic option for anyone who is wanting to use mainstream music at all. Right now, as far as I know, there are no other competitors. They’re pretty much on a completely different level than every other music site for photographers. – 18. Everybody else – 0.

      As far as goes -this is the first I’ve heard of the website. I listened to a couple songs, and the royalty free music I heard is pretty solid. The price wasn’t bad either. Seems like a great service – thanks for sharing!

  2. Dajuan says:

    This is a tough one for me. I really like the idea of paying once and using ~forever (TripleScoopMusic,and others). However, the music selection of SongFreedom is AMAZING compared to others. Torn!

    • TJ says:

      Yea, it would be nice if you could purchase the song for a one time fee, but I think there are some legal issues where subscription-based is the only option. Don’t quote me on that because I’m not 100% sure what I’m telling you is accurate. Either way, I think it comes down to whether you can justify the cost for the mainstream music, and I really think that if you’ve got amazing work, will push your slideshow to the next level. Thanks for your contribution!

  3. Do you have an example of a slide show you could share with us with Song of Freedom music?

  4. I have come across a new source for royalty free music, video for Wedding Photographers, Portrait Photographers, Wedding Videographers, Non-Profit Organizations, Ministries & Churches, and Production Companies.

    • TJ McDowell says:

      Royalty Free Music,
      That’s the first time I’ve heard of The Music Bed. Price is a little higher than most bargain royalty free, but music seems pretty good. Thanks for the suggestion!