Recently, Larissa and I decided to upgrade some of our gear to let us do more video and to give both me and Larissa full-frame cameras. We considered buying another 5D Mark II, but ended up going with a Rebel T2i and an original 5D. Basically, we got the T2i for video and the original 5D for the full-frame body. I ended up buying both cameras from, and I wanted to let you know how the experience was.

I had looked on Craigslist and a couple other websites for a used 5D, and also for the Rebel T2i, but I wasn’t having much luck with most of the websites I checked. Based on a previous recommendation from another photographer, I checked out to see if they had both in stock. Good news. They did. In fact, they had a better selection than anywhere else I looked online.

I got the 5D (listed as bargain quality) for $1079. Looking at the prices on ebay right now, most of the buy it now 5D prices are higher than that price. I did see another 5D for a little lower on another site, but I didn’t feel as confident in the product to be taking a chance for a few dollars lower. I got the Rebel T2i (listed as like new minus) for $645. Looking at the prices on ebay right now, that’s pretty close to what they’re going for there. Retail, the camera is going for right under $700. I feel like I got a fair price for the equipment I was buying.

One thing I really appreciated about was how up-front they were about the quality of the camera. There were cameras in each quality category on Some other sites listed all their used cameras as being in excellent condition. Doubt it. With the 5D being listed as bargain quality, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Apparently, I was supposed to expect signs of wear, but not to the point that it would impact image quality. When the camera arrived, I looked for signs of wear, and even with a critical eye, I couldn’t find much to complain about. The camera was clean on the exterior, and the glass inside didn’t look like it had visible signs of wear. I tested both the 5D and the T2i, and both were better than expected., you just went a long way in building a good relationship with a gearhead.

Customer Experience
The site was pretty easy to navigate. Actually, come to think of it, I didn’t do much navigating. I typed my search into the search box, and the results came up from there. The rest of the experience was pretty straightforward too. I did have to end up using Paypal because my Visa business debit card wouldn’t go through. Maybe it didn’t want to run my debit card as credit – not sure. Instead of calling, I took a short-cut and just used my Paypal account, which pulls money from the same place anyway. Paypal worked fine. I put my order in on Thursday (I think it was afternoon or evening), and I chose Fedex 2 day shipping because I wanted to get my gear before the wedding this weekend – March 5th. My estimated delivery date was March 1st. Sounded good to me because it added a few days in case something got delayed. Nothing got delayed. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised because the cameras ended up coming in a day early on February 28th. Can’t beat that!

Overall, I feel like did a good job at making me happy. I’m planning to buy a 70-200 2.8 lens in the near future, and I’ll probably end up going with again on this one. Quick, easy, fairly priced. Done.

This is probably fairly obvious, but you can visit KEH Camera Brokers online at

How has your experience been with Have you found other businesses that sell used cameras that you prefer?

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  1. Sire says:

    I’ve never tried it to be quite honest but if I was going that route I reckon I would go for a site that was located in Australia, just in case I need to resolve any issues.

    Glad to hear you had a great experience and I hope they turn out to be all you expect from them.

    • TJ says:

      Yea, that makes sense. What kind of used camera sites do you have in Australia?

      • Sire says:

        Tell you the truth TJ I’ve never looked. I know Ted’s used to sell used cameras but it’s been ages since I’ve been there and I’ve just checked their website and they don’t seem to have a category for it.

        • Chris says:

          Mainline Photo ( in Sydney sells used cameras, but they do not have a huge selection. Some interesting stuff does manage to creep sometimes.

          A larger selection of used cameras is available in store at Fotoriesel also in Sydney (, but they do not have a website detailing the stock that they have available for sale.

          • TJ says:

            Thanks for the info on the used camera places. If it’s outside the US, it’s completely off my map. Thanks again for the comment!