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So, it’s getting closer to the time where we’re going to make the jump from PhotoOne to StudioCloud (see why we left PhotoOne). I was thinking that we might be able to get up and running with just the customers and appointments moved over from PhotoOne, but there have been some other critical pieces to the system that we can’t do without (even temporarily). I was talking to Larissa the other day about making the switch to StudioCloud, and she asked if I had set up the automated emails in StudioCloud yet. OF COURSE I set up the automated emails – ok, no, I completely forgot. I took a quick look at the email template editor in StudioCloud (by the way, it looks like it’s going to be WAY easier than it was in PhotoOne), then I decided I should probably take a step back and get all the basic email settings configured first. So without further ado (adoo? whatever), here’s how to use your GoDaddy hosted exchange account as the workhorse for sending mail in StudioCloud.

Setting Up Email Account 01

Open StudioCloud, click on the Settings tab

Setting Up Email Account 02

Under Business Settings, click Manage Email Accounts

Setting Up Email Account 03

If you haven’t set up any accounts yet, the list of emails will be blank. Click New Email Account.

Setting Up Email Account 04

That opens the new email account screen where you can fill in your email account info.

Setting Up Email Account 05

Everything here was pretty straightforward, but in order to get StudioCloud working with my Exchange server, I had to change the negotiation style to passive. Doesn’t matter to me – as long as it works. Also, I didn’t check the email account verified, which I should probably go back and do since I was able to send email using this account.

Setting Up Email Account 06

Open the Outgoing Mail tab. If you’re setting up StudioCloud to use something other than hosted exchange to send your emails, you can probably use one of the existing dropdown options.

Setting Up Email Account 07

Here are the settings I had to use for GoDaddy’s hosted exchange. Keep in mind that these settings will be different if you’re using hosted exchange from anywhere else. I called in to GoDaddy to get their recommendations on settings, and this is what they told me to use. As far as the other options with emails per day and clients per email, I just guessed on these values, and I’ll change them later if I need to. After you enter your settings here, make sure to test your email settings using StudioCloud’s email test screen.

Setting Up Email Account 08

Click save, and you’re good to go.

For those of you who are using StudioCloud with hosted exchange from another company, it would be helpful if you could post your settings here too. For any of you using anything other than hosted exchange, have you had any trouble getting your email provider to send your StudioCloud emails?

StudioCloud - Free Business Management Software

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