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So yesterday, I finally broke down and created my own Twitter account. It took me a while to create a Facebook account too, so I’m starting to see a trend. For being a tech guy, I’ve been pretty slow to adopt some of the newer technologies.

Why it took me so long to create a Twitter account
It’s all about time – or really the lack thereof. I’m spending time on my photographer blog, other people’s blogs, Facebook, Linked In, plus a handful of other networking sites. I wasn’t about to create a Twitter account just to try to get followers to care about insignificant details in my life. How does that benefit them or me? So, while I would have liked to follow some of you on Twitter, I couldn’t justify creating an account just to follow other people. Only recently have I found my reason for tweeting – sounds like a cheesy techy love song, doesn’t it?

What I’m planning to tweet
While blogging is great, I’ve found that some content that I’d like to share with you guys as fellow photographers and marketers isn’t really a good fit as a blog post. If I find a new blog or someone writes a great post on another blog, I’m not going to write a post just to share that information. A re-blog just doesn’t work as well as a re-tweet. So I’ve decided to retweet the stuff that’s too short for a blog post. I know some people use Facebook like that, but it doesn’t fit my Facebook habits. Honestly, I don’t talk business too much on my Facebook – I use it more to post quirky things I’m thinking. Only my friends are kind enough to put up with that. Anyway, the bottom line is that I’ll be tweeting the stuff that I think you guys may be interested in reading.

Getting up to speed
You guys are way better at the whole Twitter thing than I am, so I’ll need any help I can get. I’ve started by tweeting a couple things, but I haven’t gone crazy posting every hour or anything. Also, I’ve started by following a few people and businesses, but I’m sure I’m forgetting quite a few of you guys – so don’t get ticked when you see that I’m not following you yet. Just drop a comment to remind me that I’m supposed to be following you. What else do I need to be doing? How would you guys suggest that I promote my Twitter account? I’ll be changing out the twitter link on the blog to point to the right account, but I’m looking for other suggestions too.

You can follow me here if you like

4 Responses to “TJ_McDowell – Twitter Noob”

  1. Tanya says:

    I personally don’t have a twitter account. I guess I need to break out of my shell and Create an account one of these days too..
    Tanya recently posted..Finally a Customer Reviews &amp Testimonials Plugin for WordPress

  2. JasonB says:

    All blog owners should have a twitter account, even if you only use to to promote your post by tweeting your RSS feed.
    Down the road you can use it for more, but there’s no reason not to use twitter to introduce your post to a new crowd
    JasonB recently posted..Have a great day