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StudioCloud has really put a lot of work into making the transition from PhotoOne as easy as possible. If you’ve been following along since I decided to switch from PhotoOne to StudioCloud, you’ve probably been just as impressed as I have about how easy it was to install the StudioCloud desktop app, transfer customers from PhotoOne, and transfer appointments from PhotoOne.

The whole process has been a lot easier than I would have expected up to this point. Since we haven’t fully transitioned yet, I have a feeling there will still be some bumps along the way. At a minimum, we’ll have to deal with using both systems simultaneously for a while because the financial information for this year will be in both systems. There are also processes like automated emails and such that we’ll have to be careful to make sure we aren’t missing notifications or double-sending an email. Even knowing that there are still going to be challenges ahead, with every step closer to being fully moved over to StudioCloud, I’m getting more excited. Out of curiosity, are any of you guys further along in the process than I am? Share some of your experiences if you are!

Transferring Prices 01

In PhotoOne, Export > Export To Excel > Prices.

Transferring Prices 02

In the prices spreadsheet screen, click New.

Transferring Prices 03

Give the spreadsheet a name like AllPrices and click OK.

Transferring Prices 04

All the available fields need to be transferred to the “show” column on the right.

Transferring Prices 05

Click next.

Transferring Prices 06

Leave the sort as default, and click next.

Transferring Prices 07

We aren’t using a spreadsheet template, so click next to continue.

Transferring Prices 08

Leave the notes field blank and click next.

Transferring Prices 09

Highlight the AllPrices spreadsheet layout, and click Select.

Transferring Prices 10

We want all the prices, so don’t apply a query (click No).

Transferring Prices 11

Wait while PhotoOne gathers the pricing data.

Transferring Prices 12

Choose ASCII export, and click Browse so you can choose where to save the file.

Transferring Prices 13

Save the csv to your desktop or somewhere you’ll remember where it is. I named my csv Prices.csv.

Transferring Prices 14

Open StudioCloud, and open the Point of Sale section.

Transferring Prices 15

Click the settings tab.

Transferring Prices 16

Click Manage Products.

Transferring Prices 17

If you haven’t entered any products previously, your products list will be blank like mine.

Transferring Prices 18

Click More Actions > Import Products.

Transferring Prices 19

We haven’t imported anything yet, so there’s nothing in the list.

Transferring Prices 20

Choose Import Options > Import from PhotoOne CSV File.

Transferring Prices 21

Choose the Prices.csv that you previously saved.

Transferring Prices 22

The products now show up in the import list.

Transferring Prices 23

If this import is like the last one, the items in the list have to be checked, so choose Group Operations > Select All. Did you guys find that this step was necessary this time? I didn’t try skipping this.

Transferring Prices 24

The products are all now checked. Click Save.

Transferring Prices 25

The products are now in StudioCloud ready to use.

One other thing that I’ve noticed with StudioCloud is that after the import, the new data transfers to the StudioCloud servers. If you’ve got CloudBoost, you’ll see that in the lower left corner the new data is syncing up. That’s exactly what I was hoping StudioCloud would be – an Outlook style sync where it doesn’t take extra effort from me. I’m impressed.

Did you guys have any problems importing the prices (now products in StudioCloud)?

StudioCloud - Free Business Management Software

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  1. Ann Karen says:

    Using studio cloud is quite complicated for me. If only not for the good reviews from blogs and recommendation from friend,I will not use it. But I guess I just need to take time exploring this software. thanks for the helpful tip. helped me alot.
    Ann Karen recently posted..Does your log home have a name