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After you’ve installed StudioCloud and transferred PhotoOne customers to StudioCloud, it’s time to transfer your PhotoOne appointments to your StudioCloud calendar. If you’ve already followed my first tutorial on importing data into StudioCloud, the whole process will be very similar, so I’ll save you from long detailed explanations to save time. If you’re wanting additional information on any of the steps, please let me know. Also, Larissa mentioned that you guys may prefer video tutorials, so if that’s the case, just let me know, and I’ll consider doing that for the next StudioCloud tutorial. It’s all about keeping you guys happy.

Transferring Calendar 01

In PhotoOne, Export > Export To Excel > Appointments.

Transferring Calendar 02

Create a new spreadsheet. I called mine AllAppointments.

Transferring Calendar 03

Transfer all the fields to the right column.

Transferring Calendar 04

Click next after all the fields have been transferred.

Transferring Calendar 05

Default sort is fine. Next.

Transferring Calendar 06

No template. Next.

Transferring Calendar 07

No notes. Next.

Transferring Calendar 08

Select the AllAppointments spreadsheet layout you just created.

Transferring Calendar 09

We want all the data, so say no to the query option.

Transferring Calendar 10

It will take just a minute to prepare the data.

Transferring Calendar 11

Choose ASCII export, then click Browse.

Transferring Calendar 12

I saved my export to my desktop as Calendar.csv.

Transferring Calendar 16

Open StudioCloud, and click Calendar.

Transferring Calendar 17

Click Agenda.

Transferring Calendar 18

Agenda is open and blank because I don’t have any events entered or imported yet.

Transferring Calendar 19

Choose More Actions > Import Calendar.

Transferring Calendar 20

Select Import Options > Import from PhotoOne Calendar CSV File

Transferring Calendar 21

Open the Calendar.csv that you saved earlier.

Transferring Calendar 22

All the appointments (events) show up for you to review.

Transferring Calendar 25

As a note, I initially selected the Match Events option before I selected (checkmarked) the events, and I got the message 0 Matches Were Found. An oversight on my part that the events should have been checkmarked first. I’m sure you’re way ahead of me, and you wouldn’t have had this problem, but it happened to me, so I thought I’d let you laugh at my expense.

Transferring Calendar 26

Doing things in the correct order, select Group Operations > Select All.

Transferring Calendar 27

All the events are checked, now Group Operations, Match Events To Clients.

Transferring Calendar 28

A little message telling us that this only works with PhotoOne imports. Sweet – that’s exactly what we’re doing. Click OK.

Transferring Calendar 29

Small delay while the matches are made.

Transferring Calendar 30

For my data, 1211 matches were found. Sounds like that’s pretty close.

Transferring Calendar 31

Back to the main import screen, and click Save.

Transferring Calendar 32

Let the saving begin. I did notice that the total number of events was 2061 instead of the 1211 matches from earlier. For our data, that probably makes sense though because we frequently make appointments without an associated customer – ie go to the dentist as an appointment. It’s not like I wanted to enter my dentist into the system as a customer, so it’s an appointment with no associated customer. Moving on.

Transferring Calendar 33

My events were imported.

Transferring Calendar 34

Yes, ALL my events were imported =)

Transferring Calendar 35

And now I can see my events in the agenda. Perfect!

Transferring Calendar 13

Per StudioCloud’s import instructions, I knew I’d have to look for duplicate client names to know which events wouldn’t sync up with those clients. I opened my customers csv created in the previous import tutorial. To find duplicates, I highlighted the full name column, then chose Home > Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > Duplicate Values.

Transferring Calendar 14

These options for highlighting the cells are fine, so click OK.

Transferring Calendar 15

I looked through the list to find the list of customers highlighted, so I’d know which events wouldn’t be correctly hooked up.

Transferring Calendar 36

I wanted to take a look at one of my duplicate customer names to see how the system handled it. The event was on the calendar, but there was no customer associated with the event. Basically, if I was looking at the calendar view, it would be obvious who the appointment was for. If I was viewing the customer’s info though, it wouldn’t show the appointment in their profile. Just something to be aware of – I’m not thinking that’s going to be a big issue for the handful of duplicates we have. If it is for you, you can always manually associate your customers with your events. I’m too lazy to do that for what turned out to be only past appointments.

Transferring Calendar 37
One other thing I noticed is that the system added some of my customer records in twice for events. Not that big of a deal. It may not even happen to you. I had to go back through part of the import process because I skipped a print screen, and that may have been what caused the issue.

At this point, I’ve got clients, and I’ve got events. Since I’ve got CloudBoost (which I’d HIGHLY recommend you get too), this is now some pretty fantastic info that I have available to me when I’m not at the office.

Did you have any other problems with the import? Did you get the duplicate customer records in your events too? What do you think of StudioCloud so far?

StudioCloud - Free Business Management Software

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2 Responses to “Transferring PhotoOne Appointments To StudioCloud”

  1. Hope says:

    Thank you for all your posts. They really do help!

    We just signed up for studiocloud from PhotoOne. Here’s my dilemma with the Event ID numbering system.. High school seniors may have a studio session one day and an outdoor session a different day. Studio Cloud wants to assign a different “event” ID to each session but I just want one umbrella number that all their senior sessions will fall under. In photoONE we would just create a project number for that senior such as 1000. And then all sessions, orders, reprints, etc, we would simply add a 1000-1, 1000-2. This project number would then correlate to our digital file folders. All the session images would go under 1000-x. It wouldn’t matter if they happened on the same day or different. Studio Cloud wants to assign a different number to each calendar event. Any thoughts on a simple way to make this work?

    • TJ McDowell says:

      Great question. To be honest, we don’t rely too much on event ID’s for the way we work here at our studio. I’d recommend opening a ticket with Studio Cloud. They’ve always been good to get back to me within a couple days with answers. Have you already asked them for help?