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A few days ago on the blog, I talked about how PhotoOne was bought out, and we were in need of new studio management software. After comparing all the options, we found the perfect studio management software for our business, and it’s on to installation. I’ll be doing a walk-through of the installation of the free version of StudioCloud, which is where you’ll get started even if you’re planning to upgrade to CloudBoost (we definitely are). The installation is pretty simple, so probably this will just be a way for you to see exactly how simple it really is before committing to installing yourself.

Installing Studio Cloud 00

To get started, head out to studio cloud’s website at

Installing Studio Cloud 01

Click on the download menu item, then click the create free account button.

Installing Studio Cloud 02

Fill in your studio and info login info. This took me about a minute to complete. Don’t worry – there’s no credit card required. I know you were thinking it because I’m the same way. If there’s one thing that drives me nuts about “free” products, it’s entering credit card info. Anyway, keep your payment info to yourself because free really does mean free.

Installing Studio Cloud 03

After you’ve got the form filled out, click create my account.

Installing Studio Cloud 04

There’s a short wait while your information is being processed.

Installing Studio Cloud 05

Then you get to the screen saying you have been signed up. See – I told you no credit cards. Seriously, why didn’t you believe me the first time?

Installing Studio Cloud 06

Open your email and click the 2nd link like the email tells you to. I didn’t have to open a browser and paste the link, but if you’re not using Outlook, you may have to.

Installing Studio Cloud 07

Registered, check. Verified, check. Now on to downloading. click the download link to go to the download page.

Installing Studio Cloud 08

At this point, you’ve already created the free account, so skip that step and move on to the install now section.

Installing Studio Cloud 09

I’ve honestly never heard of Adobe AIR. I’ve used plenty of Adobe products, but as far as I remember, this was a first. Either way, I clicked yes to continue.

Installing Studio Cloud 10

Watch the progress bar moving along as Adobe AIR installs. Am I the only one who likes watching progress bars? There’s probably some disorder that psychologists have for that condition. Don’t judge.

Installing Studio Cloud 11

Another progress bar that brings me more satisfaction as it gets closer to completion. Seriously, sit back with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy it.

Installing Studio Cloud 12

Click install. Adobe certified the StudioCloud installation, so it must be good.

Installing Studio Cloud 13

Unless you need to change where the application is installed or you’re one of those neat freaks with no icons on your computer desktop, just click continue and get on with the installation.

Installing Studio Cloud 14

Agree to the terms of use, or probably read it first – whatever floats your boat.

Installing Studio Cloud 15

The application is installing, and you’re seconds away from using the free version of StudioCloud.

Installing Studio Cloud 16

The application has now launched and it’s ready for your login. I took a look at the login and found one more field that I expected. BusinessID, what’s that? Did I enter that in my registration form or overlook that in the email? Ooh, a question mark help icon, click it!

Installing Studio Cloud 17

Login help, actually very helpful. It’s just my username again. Looking back a few screens, you’ll see that I actually did miss it when filling out my registration form. I didn’t type it in – it was automatically generated.

Installing Studio Cloud 18

After filling in my login info, I clicked the login button.

Installing Studio Cloud 19

More stuff to agree to. Looks good to me. Agree.

Installing Studio Cloud 20

This initial load gets everything set up for the desktop app.

Installing Studio Cloud 21

That’s it! You’re up and running, ready to enter clients (it’s going to take me a while to call them clients instead of customers like it is in PhotoOne). If you’ve already got clients you need to import, there’s supposed to be a way to import. I’ll cross that bridge myself in a week or 2 when I do my import.

Installing Studio Cloud 22

StudioCloud also sends a welcome email out, which actually looks like it has some useful information. I haven’t done the walk-through yet, but it seems like a good idea. Probably a good way to invest 45 minutes. After you guys watch it, you can let me know what you think.

If you’ve got questions or any issues with the installation, drop a comment below. Hopefully some of you guys have already converted to StudioCloud and can post your answers.

So what do you think so far? I’m pretty impressed with the ease of installation. I’m especially impressed with the fact that StudioCloud really didn’t collect my credit card number. It’s all about building trust, and Studio Cloud’s choice to not force me to enter credit card info went a long way in winning some of mine.

StudioCloud - Free Business Management Software

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2 Responses to “Installing StudioCloud Studio Management Software”

  1. Dan Lew says:

    Interesting I might have to check it out, I find many of these desktop programs are using adobe air lately. The downfall for this is loading time but apart from this looks like a great platform!

    • TJ says:

      Hey – thanks for the comment! I haven’t started playing around too much with the program, but I’ll keep an eye on the slowness and report if I find that to be an issue. The thing about StudioCloud is that it’s built for more than just photographers, so it may be a good fit for SEO guys like yourself. It seems like it’s definitely generic enough for any business. As long as it still provides all the functionality we need as photographers, I’m definitely ok with it serving multiple industries.

      Hope to see you back soon, and thanks for stopping by!