Wedding Cake

As a St Louis wedding photographer doing close to 50 weddings a year, we work with a lot of other wedding vendors. Some of the vendors are easier to work with than others, but it’s important to remain professional even if the other vendors are acting like ameteurs.

The videographer does very similar work to the photographer. The coordination and sharing of time with the videographer is definitely something that you should be mindful of. If both videographer and photographer are considerate of each other, the bride and groom are more likely to recommend both.

Our interaction with florists is usally short if we see them at all. The biggest challenge with the flowers is just having them arrive in time for preceremony pictures. As long as the bride communicates the time she needs the flowers to arrive, there’s not too many things that really can go wrong with wedding flowers as far as the photographer is concerned.

Wedding Planners
Choosing the right wedding planner can make a photographer’s day a dream or can make it a nightmare depending on the quality of the planner. Some wedding planners are about rules – those are the ones who are a pain to deal with. Then there are planners that are about making the wedding day amazing and taking care of real issues as they come up – those are the ones who take a lot of stress off the photographers.

Wedding Officiants and Ceremony Police
You know when you’re in for an exciting challenge when the ceremony police or minister start their greetings to you with “here are the rules…”. It’s pretty crazy that the guests are less restricted than the photographers in many ceremony locations. Just remember to bring your tripod for the ceremony and that usually makes everything easier because the first restriction usually imposed on photographers is outlawing flash.

Wedding Cake Companies
We’ve never had a problem with a wedding cake company as a photographer. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I’ve ever seen a single employee from a wedding cake company at all.

There’s usually one time that we come in contact with the caterer per wedding. That’s when we let them know that we have to jump in line in order to be done eating before the first dance starts. Never had a problem with a caterer.

Aside from the wedding planner, the DJ is probably the most important wedding vendor to determine how hard our job is for the wedding day. A DJ who isn’t experienced isn’t going to wait on the photographer to get ready for the “big events” at the reception. We’ve literally had to run across rooms before to catch boquet tosses. Also, a good dj will get people out on the dance floor to give us good material for taking photos.

6 Responses to “Working With Wedding Vendors”

  1. Scott Webb says:

    This is a handy post because I’m getting more and more work for weddings. The wedding I shot on this past Friday had no issues. The only thing I’ve really noticed is dealing with family or guests stepping in to try and grab some shots. This prompts the photographer to direct everyone’s eyes back to the photographer or back to what was going on.

    This helps me keep things in mind for when they happen in the future.

    • TJ says:

      Family and guests definitely present challenges of their own. I think there’s at least one “fauxtogographer” at each wedding we do. I think every wedding photographer deals with ameteurs differently. I heard of one guy who would wait stop everything and wait for the moms with cameras to get a shot. After announcing several times that they needed to stop everything for the other people with cameras, I guess they got the point and stopped getting in the way.

      We just shoot fast, and if they get the shot, that’s fine. If they miss it, we always say that they will be able to see our shot online.

      Did you continue to have a problem throughout the group shots?

  2. eric kim says:

    You guys are definitely on top of it! Keep it up TJ :)

  3. this is very useful wedding post.keep rocking !!