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If you’re wanting a single camera to fill the spot of best wedding camera, you won’t find it here. I think the best Canon digital camera for wedding photography is based on where you are at as a photographer as well as your budget for the camera. If you put any of these cameras in the hands of an amazing photographer, you’re going to get amazing images. There are some key differences though, and there are reasons that some photographers who still have outdated cameras may want to consider the upgrade.

Canon Rebel

If you’re wanting to take amazing wedding pictures, and you think that better equipment equals better pictures, you may be wondering why the Rebel would ever make the list for wedding photography equipment. It’s simple. The Rebel takes high quality images and is inexpensive. We could still shoot weddings today with the Rebel if we needed to and get the same results for MOST of the pictures. There are certain sitations where the Rebel doesn’t come close to higher end equipment though. The biggest difference in the images would be in the dark. The images at night from a Rebel are going to be grainy (noisy). The other big annoyance with this camera is the lack of a professional layout for quickly changing camera settings.

Canon 30D

To be able to quickly work at a wedding, this is the lowest I would consider going. With the 30D, you will have the extra controls to change exposure settings quickly, which is a huge help to wedding photographers. Add a good Canon lens, and you’ve got the equipment you need to produce something amazing for your clients. This camera is similar to the Rebel series in that you’re not going to get amazing low light performance, but you can always use a flash to help out there.

Canon 50D

Now we’re talking impressive equipment. Considering the price (especially on Craigslist), the 50D is a knockout piece of equipment for wedding photographers. The image quality will be noticably better than the 30D, and the low light performance is much better. The LCD screen is also much larger than the 30D – another extra that’s pretty nice.

Canon 5D Mark II

The best equipment comes at a higher price. If you’re a wedding photographer who’s wanting amazing image quality overall as well as phenominal low light performance, the 5D Mark II may be a consideration. We bought this camera for its ability to do video as well as its great performance as a still camera. Think carefully before purchasing this camera though, because it’s a full frame sensor camera. That means that your image won’t be automatically cropped down like with most other Canon cameras. It also means that your EFS lenses won’t work. You’ll have to stick with the EF series lenses instead. If you’re still considering purchasing one, you may want to wait for the price to drop after the 5D Mark III has been on the market for a while.

12 Responses to “Best Canon Digital Cameras For Wedding Photography”

  1. Mindy says:

    I have the 50D and the 5D Mark II. I have been waiting on buying another Mark II because of the possible upgrade but I just don’t know if they are really going to come out with a new one by the time I want a new back up…. Decisions decisions!

    • TJ says:

      Yea, we’ve been thinking about getting another Mark II as well. I’ve heard rumors that the Mark III could be out as early as May. I don’t think we’d take the plunge with a Mark III just yet (depends on features), but we’re definitely hoping that the price on the Mark II drops on Craigslist and we can pick up a used one.

      Thanks for stopping by Mindy!

  2. I use sony hd latest edition costing Rs 40000/- mrp india launch may 5, 2011

    • TJ says:

      Sony really hasn’t been much of a player in the professional photo industry from what I’ve seen. Have you liked the camera? Also, for future comments, it would be great if you could use your real name – that way I know who I’m talking to =)

  3. Connie E says:

    Great info! Thanks! I am also a SONY shooter. I love the picture quality it produces for my nature shots (which is mostly what I do) BUT…I “HATE” it that Sony has NOT gotten any better with high ISO’s. My inside shots have so much noise!

    I’m looking at getting more Wedding and Portrait work and as much as I hate to (because of all my lenses) I’m thinking about switching. Which brought me here. I”m thinking seriously about the Canon 5D Mark II. Any info you can give would be wonderful!

    • TJ says:

      I can’t really give much information on Sony’s cameras, but I can let you know that the 5D Mark II is an amazing camera for weddings. I’d recommend renting the camera and a fast lens (the 70-200 f2.8 or the 24-70 f2.8) and trying it out. I think you’re going to fall in love with the camera’s performance at ISO 4000.
      My only question to you would be how much flash you generally use. If you’re going completely natural lighting with no fill flash, the 5D Mark II would be my recommendation. If you’re ok with using some flash, the 50D or the original 5D could save you some money. If money’s no object (HA, wouldn’t that be nice), I’d say go with the 5D Mark II.
      Let me know if you have any specific questions, and I’d be happy to answer them.

  4. Connie E says:

    My site

    Thanks soooo much for the fast response. (ummm, ya, money….saving so I have time to research) I so hate to jump the Sony boat because I have the A350 and 700 body (plus the 50 1.4, 100 2.8, 28-75 2.8 and the 70-400G) So, I have a lot invested. But I so so hate the NOISE at anything over a 400 ISO. I would like to shoot mostly natural lighting (wouldnt we all) but i’m still learning when it comes to people shots. (I have the nature shots down. hahah) My husband says bugs and birds don’t pay like people. ha…Anyway, I know its not the CAMERA that makes the shots. But I also know it does help when you put everything together.

    I’m interested in a camera for low light weddings. I was also told to look at the Nikon D700. My choice so far after reading is the Canon though. ????? (Especailly since Sony isn’t catering to the exisiting photographers and only the entry level- or so it seems)

    • TJ says:

      Sounds like you’ve got a nice set of lenses already for your Sony. That’s frustrating that Sony isn’t catering to client needs. If what you’re saying about Sony’s low light capabilities is true, even fast lenses aren’t going to get the job done like you want it to be. Maybe there are lens adapters so you don’t have to sell your lenses?
      With Canon vs Nikon, there are going to be people on both sides of that camp because they both have impressive cameras. I’d recommend Canon mainly because that’s what I’ve been using for years, but I wouldn’t object if you said you were going to go with a Nikon. Either of those are going to give good low-light performance if you pick the correct camera body.

  5. Ah, the elusive Mark2. elusive for me because of its price. =(

    • TJ says:

      Yea, it’s definitely not cheap. We took the plunge and bought a 5D Mark II about 2 years ago. It’s paid off for us since we use it for wedding video and it takes amazing pictures, but if you’re not using everything it offers, you’re probably better off buying something else.

  6. I love my 5d Mark11. Compared to the higher priced Canon’s, the 5d sesms downright cheap, relatively speaking of course.

    • TJ says:

      I agree that the 5D Mark II is priced right – especially compared to the 1Ds series. I’m hoping the 5D Mark III’s come out soon, and the Mark II’s drop a little in price so we can pick up a couple more.