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Best Canon Digital Cameras For Wedding Photography

October 24th, 2010

If you’re wanting a single camera to fill the spot of best wedding camera, you won’t find it here. I think the best Canon digital camera for wedding photography is based on where you are at as a photographer as well as your budget for the camera. If you put any of these cameras in the hands of an amazing photographer, you’re going to get amazing images. There are some key differences though, and there are reasons that some photographers who still have outdated cameras may want to consider the upgrade.

Canon Rebel If you’re wanting to take amazing wedding pictures, and you think that better equipment equals better pictures, you may be wondering why the Re[...]

Working With Wedding Vendors

October 18th, 2010

As a St Louis wedding photographer doing close to 50 weddings a year, we work with a lot of other wedding vendors. Some of the vendors are easier to work with than others, but it’s important to remain professional even if the other vendors are acting like ameteurs.

Videographers The videographer does very similar work to the photographer. The coordination and sharing of time with the videographer is definitely something that you should be mindful of. If both videographer and photographer are considerate of each other, the bride and groom are more likely to recommend both.

Florists Our interaction with florists is usally short if we see them at all. The biggest chal[...]

Photography Using Personality Mirroring

October 11th, 2010

There is a concept of good communication known as mirroring where a person mirrors mannerisms, choice of words, presentation style, etc of the person they’re communicating with. The goal behind mirroring is to make the message easier to digest since it will be in the native style of the message reciever. I have an opinion based only on my own observation and no scientific research that people being photographed also naturally mirror their photographer.

Good communicators catch on earlier to the style of the other party they’re talking to and make an effort to match their style, but this isn’t limited to only people that do this intentionally. All people natural[...]

Jpeg Replacement?

October 5th, 2010

Google has recently announced WebP as a new image format that promises better compression for web files than current jpegs. Google claims that the new image format will reduce file size by 40% of jpegs without losing quality. I’ll have to admit that I was pretty excited at the possibility of having an image format with better compression than jpeg, but is WebP going to be able to gain acceptance as a jpeg alternative?

Benefits of Smaller Image Size The goal of WebP is to reduce the amount of bandwidth required to download webpage content. But that’s just the beginning if WebP takes off. Smaller file size would also mean less disk space being used on servers and the [...]