While there are many professional photographers posting ads on Craigslist, our studio included, there are some photographers who apparently defy the known laws of the universe by being able to take “amazing” wedding photographs even though the only thing they’ve previously photographed is flowers and sleeping babies. If you fall into the group of photographers who is an “expert” without ever shooting a wedding before, here are a few things to keep in mind.

This is a camera. You probably already own one of these, which is why you feel you’re qualified to photograph weddings. Reality check: I personally own many hammers, but I wouldn’t call myself a carpenter until I’d had training and done professional work with my hammer. Hint, hint.

Bride Picture This is a picture of a bride. Take lots of pictures of her. She’s a big part of this wedding. She’ll probably be wearing a long, white dress.

First Kiss This is a picture of the first kiss. Stop looking through the pictures you took from before the ceremony to grab this shot. Trust me, they weren’t that good anyway.

Cake Cut Cake is important. Brides want to have pictures to remember cutting the cake. Your goal is to make it to the part of the evening where they serve the cake without having been kicked out or having a nervous breakdown.

Good luck on your first wedding, young (or out of work) Craigslist photographer. May the photo force be with you and may your amazing artistic abilities shine brighter than your lack of experience.

6 Responses to “Wedding Photography For The Craigslist Photographer”

  1. Melanie says:

    I did a bit of wedding photography back in the days of “film” cameras. Talk about MAJOR stress … never knowing if the photos turned out until a week later.

    Today’s wonderful digital cameras take all of “that” kind of stress away. Of course you might still have to deal with Bridzilla! LOL

  2. TJ says:

    Melanie -
    Digital is definitely a different world. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some kind of technology that would eliminate bridezilla’s?

  3. Cute article, I’m not a professional but I do get the stressed out feeling when just for fun I try to cover an event, usually family events, hehehehe. And going digital really did wonders, although I feel it made me soft, coz when your shooting with film you try very hard to remember the settings for indoors and outdoor shots, but digital took that out of the equation so you are more focused on getting that ONE shot.

  4. TJ says:

    Digital definitely has done wonders for the world of photography. I’ve only shot digital, so that’s all I have ever known. Do you think the industry going digital has decreased photographers’ professionalism from what it used to be?

  5. Charlotte Hodges says:

    What a great read with lots of tongue in cheek tips, I recently went on a wedding photography course which I am really hoping may elevate me to the area of expert wedding photography