If you’ve found yourself sorting through thousands of pictures on a regular basis, Adobe Lightroom could be a real timesaver. For us, what used to take hours, now takes about half the time using Lightroom. The concept is simple: use Lightroom to take care of all the photos at once instead of one at a time like Photoshop.

In our old process, we would create a new folder with a copy of all our pictures and use Windows explorer to delete files out of the new folder for anything we didn’t want to keep. Then we would individually open, crop, adjust levels, and make any further edits needed to an image before saving.

Now that we have Lightroom, we just import all our images, then we quickly choose which images we want to keep, removing all the images we don’t want to keep so they won’t be exported at all. Then we do all our cropping and levels right in Lightroom. Plus if there are a series of pictures that need the same levels adjustments, you can easily choose to apply the same adjustments to a series of images that you select. After all the Lightroom adjustments take place, the images are exported to another folder and then Photoshop takes over.

We were pulling our hair out before we found Lightroom. Now it’s a lot easier to stay on top of our sessions, and we’ve got time to spend on the 1000 other things that we have to manage as business owners.


4 Responses to “Adobe Lightroom – Getting Serious About Photography”

  1. I use Lightroom much more than I use Photoshop, as it can’t be beat for good basic editing! If I need anything more, I will edit it further in Photoshop, but most of my editing is done in Lightroom. I find the batch editing capabilities very useful indeed!

    • TJ McDowell says:

      Larissa has recently been reading a big book on Lightroom, and it’s amazing how much you can do in Lightroom that we had no idea you could do. Pretty powerful, and apparently the Lightroom team is aiming to keep photographers in Lightroom for as much as possible without forcing them to use Photoshop.

  2. Really? How interesting! Could you possibly let me know the name of the book? Sounds like meaty reading!