The day of the wedding produces some interesting challenges for photographers.  Here are some of the biggest problems with suggestions on how to handle these situations when they arise.

Bad Lighting

Many churches and venues will have tricky lighting setups, many of which will involve extremely low lit locations.  During the ceremony, this often means using a tripod and a slow shutter.  Outside of the ceremony, good use of strobes and reflectors should get the job done. 

Late Wedding Party

It never fails that something, or more like a long list of things, will go wrong on your wedding day.  It may be a good idea for the bride to tell the wedding party to arrive 30 minutes in advance of the actual time she wants them to show up.

Upset Bride

The stress of the wedding day finally gets to many brides on the day of the wedding.  As a photographer, you have the job of trying to make everything right for her again.  For most brides, mentioning how amazing she looks in her wedding dress or cracking a joke usually reduces tensions in a flash.

Ugly Locations

Not every location that you’ll work at will have unlimited potential for amazing pictures.  Depending on how bad it is, you may need to change your depth of field settings to blur out the background and get rid of the ugly.

Bad Picture Suggestions

 The request usually starts off as “wouldn’t it be a great picture if…”, but often it wouldn’t really make a good picture at all.  It depends on the situation, but often to appease a mother of the bride or someone else who’s a key player in the wedding, it may be best to shoot the shot knowing that it won’t look that great.

Camera Shy Subjects

 These people usually have a reputation of avoiding cameras.  Often a joke about making them look amazing later will make them more at ease.  Even making a game of getting a picture of them works sometimes, and it’s not only effective for kids.

Wedding Vendor Losers

 It’s inevitable that you’ll end up working with other vendors that don’t hold your same standards of quality.  To get them to work with you like you need them to, try being overly nice.  In the end though, it’s the bride writing your paycheck, so your ultimate loyalty is to her.

Wedding Day Emergencies

 It happens more than you would think it would, but there’s occasionally something that doesn’t fit right or a strap that breaks.  Carrying an emergency clothing repair kit around could end up scoring you some major points.

Empty Dance Floor

Nobody wants to be the first one on the dance floor after it has been opened up, but it’s tough to get pictures of dancing when the floor is empty.  Taking a ballroom dancing class and bustin out a move may liven up the party.  This all depends on the situation, so be smart about pulling this move.

Equipment Failures

 A compact flash card stops working or you drop a lens.  If you aren’t prepared this could be tragic.  The simple solution is to have backup equipment ready to pick up in a pinch.  It doesn’t have to be the same quality, but it does have to get the job done well enough to maintain your professional image.

2 Responses to “How To Handle The Top 10 Wedding Photography Problems”

  1. Crystal says:

    Hello, What do you do if you have a bride who does not want to pay the balance for whatever the reason may be?! and asks for all rights to photos for their own editing and printing?

    • TJ says:

      I don’t know the whole situation, but based on the information you gave me, it sounds like you shouldn’t be giving her the files until the balance is paid. Again, I don’t know all the details, so I may be giving you bad advice.