Adding pictures to your Bing Local profile is a great way to enhance your Bing Local listing.  It doesn’t take long to add up to 10 images to your profile.  Here’s how to do it.

Log in to your bing local profile.  There’s a section for images where you can upload an image.  It’s best to use web optimized images so the upload goes quickly.  Choose a few of the images that you feel best represent your work, and upload the images one at a time.  Also add captions to your images after they’ve uploaded.

It may seem like people would only want to see images on your website, but you may be able to convince more people to go to your website with a more complete local listing.  Also, Bing may use the completeness of your local listing as a factor to determine your placement in their local listings.

Adding images to your profile is quick and easy, and you should take 5 minutes to add some images to your profile.  Bing and Yahoo are teaming up to try to take on search giant Google, and Bing listings may end up getting your website more traffic in the coming months.

2 Responses to “Adding Pictures To Your Bing Local Profile”

  1. I didn’t have a Bing listing so I just created one! I filled in the profile info and uploaded some carefully-chosen images. Now comes the waiting game! (the only option given for verification was via snail mail.) Thanks!

    • TJ McDowell says:

      Yea, some of the local services use the snail mail method – I think Google offers this option too. Kind of a pain to have to wait, but at least the businesses included in those kinds of results will be less spammy. Hopefully Bing will start bringing in a few extra visitors to the website. It’s not going to be massive traffic, but even an occasional visitor is worth the time (at least to me).