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Educational Photography DVDs

July 31st, 2010

Larissa and I watch PhotoVision all the time. Some of the content is hit or miss, but we’ve definitely benefited from the advice and techniques of some of the photographers there. If you want to move to the next level in your business, these are definitely a good value.

Aside from watching countless YouTube videos and researching online, the DVDs are probably the cheapest way you can educate yourself as a photographer. Conferences and workshops are definitely beneficial, but they tend to get expensive. It’s also nice to be able to sit down on my own schedule to learn. As a small business owner, it’s hard to carve out time to put into education, so an episode just bef[...]

Best Lens For Learning Your Canon DSLR

July 28th, 2010

For learning how to use a Canon Digital SLR, one lens in Canon’s lineup really sticks out. The Canon EF 50mm f1.8 Lens is the perfect lens for learning how to make some amazing images.


 - Professional Images

The 50mm lens will let you get chrystal clear images.  Even lenses that cost thousands of dollars have a hard time getting sharpness like this lens.  This is one of the major benefits when using prime lenses (prime means that you can’t zoom in our out with the lens).  This lens produces such great images that we still use it one of our cameras at weddings.

 - Range Of Aperture


How To Handle The Top 10 Wedding Photography Problems

July 23rd, 2010

The day of the wedding produces some interesting challenges for photographers.  Here are some of the biggest problems with suggestions on how to handle these situations when they arise.

Bad Lighting

Many churches and venues will have tricky lighting setups, many of which will involve extremely low lit locations.  During the ceremony, this often means using a tripod and a slow shutter.  Outside of the ceremony, good use of strobes and reflectors should get the job done. 

Late Wedding Party

It never fails that something, or more like a long list of things, will go wrong on your wedding day.  It may be a good idea for the bride to [...]

Animoto Photo Fusion Video Workflow

July 16th, 2010

Animoto’s video capability and our launch of our fusion photo services have come around the same time, and they seem to work well together.  We’re still early in the process, but here are a few of the things we’ve done to make fusion videos easier and better.

Keep the clips short

Taking short clips the day of the wedding or event will mean that a clip can easily be classified as a yes or no clip.  Keeping clips short also helps reduce time for uploading video.

Choose pictures that tell the story

I hardly ever add pictures of full families and other non-story pictures into my Animoto videos.  If a picture doesn̵[...]

St Louis Photography Classes

July 3rd, 2010

Recently, we’ve started teaching photography classes in the St Louis area. We’re trying to do a class per week – some free and some paid. If you’ve got suggestions for classes, please let us know. For right now, we’re doing classes on studio lighting, DSLR basics, Photoshop, pricing for success, and session shadowing. To see our calendar of classes, visit

If you have a teacher you’d like to see at Studio M, shoot us a message to let us know. We’re always looking for something new!

Adding Pictures To Your Bing Local Profile

July 3rd, 2010

Adding pictures to your Bing Local profile is a great way to enhance your Bing Local listing.  It doesn’t take long to add up to 10 images to your profile.  Here’s how to do it.

Log in to your bing local profile.  There’s a section for images where you can upload an image.  It’s best to use web optimized images so the upload goes quickly.  Choose a few of the images that you feel best represent your work, and upload the images one at a time.  Also add captions to your images after they’ve uploaded.

It may seem like people would only want to see images on your website, but you may be able to convince more people to go to your website with a more c[...]