While there’s no way to make it impossible for someone to print images they see on your website, here are a few ways to prevent some of the most common methods for printing images.  All of these suggestions are javascript fixes, and your webmaster should be able to implement these changes for you.

1.  Context menu for images

When you right click on an image using Internet Explorer, or any other web browser, there will be a menu that normally appears.  This menu has quite a few menu items, but there are a few that are especially important for a user not to see.  There are usually save, print, and properties menu items – all of which mean your image can be easily compromised.  Completely disabling the context menu goes a long way in discouraging an image from being copied or printed.

2.  Dragging images to new tab or url

Aside from the right clicking problem, there’s also the issue of a left click and drag.  When a web user left clicks on an image in your website and drags the pointer to the new tab button or to the url textbox, most browsers will show that image by itself in a window.  This makes it easy to print or save the image by itself a number of different ways.  Disabling the dragging functionality for an image simply ignores any dragging action that the user might try with the image.

3.  Image menu for printing images

A few select browsers made it especially easy for an image to be copied.  When a user moved their mouse over an image, a print button popped up inside of a menu.  This was almost a suggestion to the user that they should print the image off if they liked it.  Disabling the image menu is an easy fix to make sure the user doesn’t get any bright ideas when it comes to images you want to protect.


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  1. I had someone email me a screen capture from an Imac that looked too darn good. I didn’t know that was possible.